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Pirates like Colors, too

Photographed in Marsaxlokk, a den of pirates in Malta.

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Slavery in Malta

Seen outside of Restaurant Ciappetti in Mdina, Malta. You can’t say you haven’t been warned. Take a closer look: I decided not to enter the restaurant because I didn’t have my parents with me.

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The Azure Window is no more

I have written about the ferocious storms on Malta before, much stronger than any I have ever experienced in the Atlantic or the Pacific, and unimaginable to people who only visit the Mediterranean in summer. Today, a storm took away … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts (8)

I don’t understand why supermarkets, all around the world, by the way, are trying to force me to use a metal instrument when I want to buy some bread. You remember my article about the longest possible train journey and … Continue reading

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The Lazy People of Malta

In the most complete study yet of physical activity, covering 122 countries, the people of Malta turned out to be the laziest people in the world. 72% of Maltese don’t get enough exercise, for which they would only need to … Continue reading

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“Artistic and up to date”

If a company advertises its services and products as “artistic and up to date” but uses the following display to do so, I doubt both parts of the statement. Seen and photographed in Valletta, Malta.

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The Bus Stop at the End of the World

Well, at least at the end of the island. Actually, also the end of Europe because the next stop south of here would be Libya. The bus stop is appropriately called “Cliffs” which is a good warning because you don’t … Continue reading

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