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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.

Hiking on the First Day of Spring

Zur deutschen Fassung. Whatever the weather forecast, the calendar, meteorologists or theologians say – for me, yesterday was the first day of spring. And so I went for a hike: As always in this area, plenty of water, requiring large … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years Ago – the episodes you missed in 2022

Writing two blogs, one in German and one in English, is a lot of work. Not quite twice the work as writing one blog, because I can use the same photos twice. But it’s more work than some might think. … Continue reading

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Gastronom No. 4

If you can’t afford shopping at the delicatessen store Gastronom No. 1 or if, for political and moral reasons, you don’t want to travel to Moscow right now, I can recommend Gastronom No. 4 in Solotvyno in Ukraine instead. It’s not quite as fancy … Continue reading

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Müggelheim, where Berlin looks like Sweden

Zur deutschen Fassung. Staying in Berlin for two months, I get plenty of calls from readers, fans, friends and foes who happen to live in Berlin and want to meet up in person. “So, where in Berlin are you?” they … Continue reading

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Journey to the Center of Europe – Kremnica, Slovakia

Zur deutschen Fassung. For the project “Journey to the Center of Europe”, I am going to visit all the places that have ever laid claim to being the geographical center of Europe or the European Union. And write about them. This … Continue reading

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Köpenick – First Impressions

Zur deutschen Fassung. Berlin, at least as you know it today, is a rather young city. It was only created in 1920, when several surrounding towns, villages and rural estates were incorporated into Greater Berlin, which became 13 times the … Continue reading

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The Battlefield of Waterloo, Looking for the Bones, and a Surprising Supper

Zur deutschen Fassung. “Little Napoleon wants to be picked up on platform 2, please. And hurry, or he’ll lay waste to the whole town!” Only when I hear this announcement and look out of the train window, I realize what … Continue reading

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The most beautiful city in Germany that you never heard of

Zur deutschen Fassung. It always makes me sad when people visit Germany, and their only plan is to see Berlin and Munich. Or maybe that silly castle in the mountains. Which is really just one of thousands of castles in … Continue reading

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Law School in Bolivia

In Bolivia, even irredentism is cute. Everything is explained in my article on Bolivia and the sea.

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What is it with American Clients and their Nazi Obsession?

I really like to help the victims of Nazi persecution. Or rather their descendants, considering that most people who survived that horror have passed away since. My main focus is on the restitution of German citizenship to those whose ancestors … Continue reading

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