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One Hundred Years Ago, Whites couldn’t bear Blacks being Successful – May 1921: Black Wall Street

Zur deutschen Fassung. The average white family in the U.S. has a net worth of $ 171,000, while the average family of color has one of $ 17,150. That this tenfold wealth gap cannot be due to individual effort or … Continue reading

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What to do with a History Degree?

Ever since I have been studying history, people who think that every means needs to have an end have been asking: “What do you want to do with that?” My honest answer: I want to know more and to understand … Continue reading

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Slavery in Malta

Seen outside of Restaurant Ciappetti in Mdina, Malta. You can’t say you haven’t been warned. Take a closer look: I decided not to enter the restaurant because I didn’t have my parents with me.

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“Slaves came to America to pursue prosperity and happiness”

This is what Ben Carson, the new US Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, said today, calling African slaves “immigrants who worked even harder”. During the Republican primaries, I referred to Ben Carson as the most stupid candidate, despite the … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts (8)

I don’t understand why supermarkets, all around the world, by the way, are trying to force me to use a metal instrument when I want to buy some bread. You remember my article about the longest possible train journey and … Continue reading

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“1493” by Charles C. Mann

Zur deutschsprachigen Rezension. 1493 refers to the year after Christopher Columbus “discovered” America and as the second part of the title suggests, the book describes how Europe’s discovery of the Americas revolutionized trade, ecology and life on earth. That sounds … Continue reading

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Film Review: “Django Unchained”

When a film is bad or mediocre, there is a lot to write about it. When a film is as perfect as Django Unchained, one could keep the review short: Go and watch it. You will enjoy it. The plot … Continue reading

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