One negative consequence of the Corona crisis is the elimination of coincidence. Nobody strolls through town aimlessly anymore. You don’t run into people whom you didn’t expect to meet. We aren’t randomly put into a train compartment with fellow passengers about whose lives we learn in the course of the journey. We don’t even hang out in doctors’ waiting rooms anymore, listening to sob stories of strangers.

To spice up your life and to satisfy your thirst for edutainment, I have created this random generator. With one click, it will choose one from the thousands of articles I have written in the last decade and deliver it straight to your home.

When I play it myself, I am sometimes surprised because even I have forgotten some of my own stories. And I should really delete some of the older articles because they are no longer relevant or because I wouldn’t write them anymore. After all, one progresses. I hope. People who still have the same opinion on everything as they had five years ago are rather suspicious.

Simply click here or on the image of the fellow gamblers, and off you go!


I am curious what you will encounter.

If you have found something interesting, why not leave a comment below the article or on this page? And even more so if you have found something unsettling. That way, you can help me to clean out the blog stable.

But, as with any kind of gambling, please don’t get addicted!


18 Responses to Surprise!

  1. Haha, mine is an article in German )))

  2. May I recommend all articles about Montenegro on your blog. Particularly dedicate your time to a story about three millionaire linguists. 💯

  3. Denzil says:

    Nice idea, although I got a video that was unavailable in my country. But I’ll roll the dice again … May I ask what software or plugin you use for this functionality? Or did you develop it yourself?

    • Embedding videos really sucks. Whenever I look at the posts more than a year later, most of the videos have been deleted from YouTube. Sometimes, I don’t even remember what I posted.

      It would have been fun if you had gotten something from Belgium. :-)
      Then you know that you should play the lottery that week!

      There is no fancy plugin or anything, just this link:

  4. redbat says:

    I got “ECJ ruling on asylum for homosexuals”. There was a comment there about David Cameron. It feels weird feeling nostalgic about David Cameron.

    • Indeed!
      I almost feel sorry for some of the comments I made about David Cameron. But then, on the other hand, he was the guy who gave us the Brexit referendum

  5. Second try was an article way back in 2012 – and I was harassing you way back then. (Shrinking Lithuania versus my near-sighted Sinking Lusitania). Jeez, a decade later and you STILL put up with me? I think Job needs to be replaced by St. Andreas the Tolerant! ;) :D

    • This surprise feature is really cool, isn’t it?

      Often, I am reminded of stuff that I had already completely forgotten about. (Sometimes, I am also reminded of stuff that I should delete, because opinions change over the course of 10 years, of course.)
      And then, to my dismay, I sometimes notice that there are still comments waiting for me to be answered – and I don’t even know if the person is still alive. :/

    • Well, in my case, it’s no problem. I haven’t been alive for years – from the neck up, at least. ;)

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