My Next Trips

Zur deutschen Fassung meiner Reiseplanung.

I share my travel plans in advance

  • because I know you are curious,
  • so you can tell me from where you want a postcard,
  • because I would be happy to meet some of my readers in person,
  • and to maybe find hosts through Couchsurfing or even offers to house-sit.

So, this is where you will find me in the next months:

There are a surprising, almost overwhelming number of places with that claim:

  • Braunau am Inn, Austria
  • Polotsk, Belarus
  • Vitebsk, Belarus
  • Ives at Lake Sho, Belarus
  • Viroinval, Belgium
  • Mount Dyleň (Tillenberg) on the German-Czech border
  • a hill east of Čečelovice, Czech Republic
  • Mount Melechov, Czech Republic
  • Locus perennis near Lišov, Czech Republic
  • Pupík Evropy (the belly button of Europe) in Jakubovice, Czech Republic
  • the astronomical center of Europe outside of Kouřim, Czech Republic
  • the point calculated by Jára Cimrman in Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic
  • Mõnnuste on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia
  • Saint-André-le-Coq, France
  • Noireterre, Saint-Clément, France
  • Hildweinsreuth near Flossenbürg, Germany
  • Kleinmaischeid, Germany
  • Cölbe, Germany
  • Gelnhausen-Meerholz, Germany
  • Westerngrund, Germany
  • Veitshöchheim, Germany
  • Tállya, Hungary
  • Purnuškės, Lithuania
  • Europe Park, Lithuania
  • Suchowola, Poland
  • Landskrona, Sweden
  • Kremnica, Slovakia
  • Kruhlyj (between Dilove and Rakhiv), Ukraine

I don’t have a fixed schedule, because I am hoping that some of my readers happen to live near one of those places and might be inclined to host me for a few days. ;-) It will bring eternal glory to you and your village, I promise!

  • For the Easter holidays, I will be in the Czech Republic, mainly in the region of České Budějovice (Budweis). Besides visiting completely oversized castles in Hluboká, I will also finally try to see if the hype about Český Krumlov is worth it.
  • In April and May 2023, I will be house- and cat-sitting in Markleeberg, a lovely suburb of Leipzig in Germany.

Do you want a posctard?

Actually, you would be surprised how hard it has become to find postcards in some places. But for you, dear reader, I’ll walk the extra miles!


59 Responses to My Next Trips

  1. nice list. I am pretty jealous about now.

  2. I try. By the way. Is that IT for Romania? Because if it is, I’m pretty disappointed.

    • No, I just don’t list all the trips within Romania because they are usually on short notice. – But in June I have to leave unfortunately. It’s a recurring problem that I have: I find a place so beautiful and interesting that I could easily stay longer (like now in Romania), but I also want to see the rest of the world and I only have another 40 years or so to live. That’s why I always set a firm deadline at the beginning of my move.

    • Good answer. Waiting for more posts on Romania, and I’m really happy you like it here. Interesting how tourists/travelers love Romania, but Romanians only want to leave..

    • Edwina Estella says:

      How funny is that! Even after 4.5 years of travelling and living in different countries, I didn’t expect to “bump into” a nomadic lawyers to travel around the planet. I’ve met all sorts of people in different professions who are living a nomadic life (architects, web designer, journalists) and travelling around the planet, but a lawyer is quite unique. And I am still looking for a cure for my “special-lifestyle-addiction” and the fact that I always want to move on no matter how much I love the country, people, culture and language. :) But life is so much easier on the move – at least for me. I was also thinking about going to a Spanish speaking country (Chile, Paraguay or Spain), I am just about to brush up my language skills which got rusty on that side of the planet.

      Greeting from the nomadic School Teacher residing in Singapore until August.

      Btw: I found your website due to the search result “how to get rid of the German passport forever”, kind of ironic to read a post how to get one. :D


    • I will only start learning Spanish once I am in South America. Total immersion. :-)

      And yes, I think lawyers tend to be more the conservative type of people who want a house and and a mortgage and a retirement plan. Luckily, I have never been like that.

      And I understand your sentiment that you always want to move on, even if you like a place and the people there very much. Same with me. But I don’t think it should be cured at all!

      Now to your question:
      I am not sure why someone who travels lot would want to get rid of a passport, particularly one that allows visa-free access to the largest number of countries among all passports.
      But getting rid of the passport is easy: Just hand it back to the consulate, ditch it or let it expire.
      If you were thinking of German citizenship and not the passport, there are several ways to lose it or give it up (§§ 17 et seq. StAG), but they usually only work if you have a second citizenship.

    • Good news: I have extended my stay in Romania by one month. I will also be here all June.
      After that, I will probably move east. Ukraine is too tempting at the moment.

    • Good! We must take you hiking somewhere spectacular then.

    • I am so glad you are offering that because honestly I had already wanted to invite myself. :-) You know beautiful places for hiking in the area and you already provided very valuable advice, and I think I would really enjoy joining you (if you still have one seat available in your car). – This way you can also be the first person in my new series “bloggers I met in real life”.

  3. There will be seats available because our friends rarely join, stating that they’re out of shape (and other similar excuses). I’ve actually never met another blogger either, so it will be a first :). But it might be a while until we go hiking, because I’m not really a fan of avalanches and snow up to my stomach, and since there’s 10 cms of snow in my garden, I can only imagine the amount of snow in the mountains…

  4. A plan’s in mind mixing adrenaline-filled hiking, a famous gorge, a deadly lake and a history lesson in front of a castle. But it wouldn’t hurt to share the places you’ve already seen in Romania, to avoid any repetition.

    • Wow! You should sell tours. With that description, I would book it right away.

      I have been trying to imagine what you could have in mind, not only based on the few places I have visited, but also on what I have read about, and I can’t decipher your plan. So I think we’re on the safe side.

  5. Hah, funny you say that. I worked at a travel agency for 1 year. Unfortunately the Romanian mentality is “let’s visit an All-Inclusive hotel and don’t give a fck about where we are”. So you can’t actually sell tours, only hotels here. That’s why I quit.
    It’s in the Eastern Carpathians (not Calimani). I think you’re gonna like it.

    • Perfect! I have never been there, and even in Calimani I was only hiking for one day.

      I think the mentality that you describe is not limited to Romania. I have seen that all over the world that people who only have two or four weeks of holiday every year choose to spend this precious time with the people whom they already hang out the rest of the year by going to the same hotel every year to swim in a pool and eat food. If the plane took them to a different country, they wouldn’t even notice.

    • If it’s true then it’s pretty sad..

    • I know. Unfortunately I am inhibited by not having a car, so I can’t really go to places that are far away from train/bus stations. And my usual way of exploring a country is to walk through the countryside, sleeping outside, but in Romania there are too many aggressive dogs for that.

    • And bears. Don’t forget the bears.

    • I have actually been TRYING to see bears in the wild, in California, in Montenegro and now in Romania. So far to no avail.

    • Honestly, I haven’t either. But chances are pretty high I will at one point or another during hiking. Because this year there were a lot! Especially in the Brasov-Tusnadfurdo area. They even go down to eat from the trashcans in the city.

    this might be useful for your Transylvanian trips. I know the names are in Hungarian but I’m sure Google will give you some info about them in English ;)

  7. Jim Pettyjohn says:

    Mr. Moser, how do you finance your life traveling as you do? I would love to travel the world. Please advise.

  8. Sonu says:

    Very interesting…. I stumbled upon your website through OKcupid. Please do contact me if you happen to visit Montreal or Canada in general. Very interesting lifestyle! I am impressed.
    Not many people have the guts to follow their dream Mr. Lawyer. You are an inspiration and a motivation.
    Good luck!

    Take care

    • Thank you very much! It will probably be a few years until I will reach Canada because I will be in Latin America for the next couple of years, but eventually I will get that far north.

  9. Hello again,

    sorry for never getting back to you. Thanks for your detailed explanation concerning my passport “aggression”. :) I know that it would be stupid to hand out my precious passport that gives me access to 274 countries plus work permits and other valuable visas, but that’s just me – just a silly bee.

    Indeed, I assume lawyers and teachers tend to be the more conservative kind of people. They don’t want to exit their comfort zones and like the protection of the “government”.

    Enjoy your travels and your birthday tomorrow! I am on the move and still thinking about where to go next and I can’t decide. I feel like going back to New Zealand, but also would like to see something new.

    Greetings from Singapore


  10. rupalidesai says:

    what a fantastic blog. m addicted.

  11. Guydon says:

    Hi Andreas Moser please think about Tanzania next time as your next destination to visit, Tanzania is the land of Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar for beach holiday and the highest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro please get in touch with us

  12. Guydon says:

    Your most welcome

  13. Jackie Boronow Danson says:

    Fabulous! Looking very forward to reading all about your new adventures!

    Safe travels.


    • Thank you!
      When I’ll be back in Europe, I may finally have time to catch up on writing and publishing the stories about all the adventures of the recent years.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hope to see you then on the next cruise back to Panama, because I will be on that one too…

    • Ronald Kandelhard says:

      missed my details :D

    • It will probably be a few years before I will be back because I am planning to explore more of Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.
      But then, I have changed my plans in the past. :-)

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  16. Jackie Danson says:

    Tough job, Andreas – but someone’s gotta do it!

    • Absolutely!
      So far I have found enough jobs looking after cats, so I don’t need to venture into crazy animal territory like dogs, horses or turtles.

  17. timburford says:

    Funny, my sister also does house/pet-sitting in Canada – she’ll be happy to see you if you go to Victoria BC (and you should).

    • I would love to!
      During the cat-sitting (December 2018 to March 2019), I’ll have to stay in Calgary, but I would like to explore more of Canada thereafter.
      I am also going to try to find some house/cat-sitting jobs in the UK as long as I can still go there without a visa. Sometimes, there are fantastically remote places available, it just hasn’t worked out with the dates yet.

  18. Colleen says:

    Ha! Your talk of seeing the world by house & cat sitting reminds me of how I finished a Master’s thesis in Paris. Poor as a church mouse, I did various jobs but that didn’t allow me the concentrated time to write the darn thing. I knew lots of people luckily -like you seem to – & began house/apartment/cat sitting all over the city for close to a year. No rent & I just had to carry around my books, etc. sounds wonderful what you’re doing. Bon voyage!

    • I am also moving around with a bag full of books all the time. :-)

      But that is really impressive that you managed to do that for a year in one city! I don’t really know that many people. :-( Only the job in Vienna is a friends’ apartment, the jobs in Spain and Canada, I found through house-sitting websites.
      But for finding enough offers to stay in the same city consecutively, without periods of homelessness in between, you must have had quite a network in Paris!
      I sometimes receive interesting offers, but very often it conflicts with other engagements or the places are so far away that I cannot afford the travel or the trip wouldn’t be worth it for a short stay. But for any long-term stays, I am available! ;-)

  19. Luz Clarena says:

    Hello Andreas:

    Andalucía, nice destination. For sure are you going to do cat baby sitting? How do you find your destinations?

    • Yes, I am really going to take care of a cat!
      I’ll be in a small mountain village, very remote (Venta Micena), but that means fewer distractions and thus hopefully more blog posts.

      I use two house-sitting websites (there are many more) to find the “jobs”. Next week, I am going to write an article about house-sitting, and I will include the websites and a few more details about how it works.
      I am worried that this will lead to lots of competition, but many people are asking me about this subject.

  20. So this year no space for South America …

  21. David Wiebe says:

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing. The “authorities” will be very interested in this. Oh, and you still have an open invitation to Amish country, Ohio.

  22. I don’t see beautiful Romania on your list ;-)

    • And that is a terrible omission indeed. – Recently, my schedule has been dominated by house sitting, and there are never any offers from Romania. :-(

  23. Caren Leong says:

    You thought you’d be entering a post-Brexit UK…lol

    • This is getting really confusing. If the UK remains, if only for a while, I won’t even know where to vote for the European elections, in the UK or in Germany. Maybe I’ll vote twice, just to be on the safe side.

  24. Adina Moisei says:

    Maybe include also Dublin in your destination🙂! There’s a big chance I’ll be there from end of April. And thinking of going down to Lismore, Cork from there. Maybe by bike. 🚴‍

    • Wow, what a beautiful idea!

      Indeed, it is shocking that I have never been to Ireland, despite being quite attracted by it. But I probably won’t be able to visit this summer because I will be in the UK, Poland and Germany, with almost no free time remaining.

      One of my medium-term plans is to walk one of the European long distance paths, and the E8, which starts in Ireland, is one of the most fascinating options.

      My university also offers a class on Irish history and although it’s delivered by distance education, I would actually love to live in Ireland while taking that.

      Lastly, once the UK closes up, we’ll all have to go through Ireland, sneaking into the UK across the non-existent Northern Irish border:

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