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Why should you get up early?

Because it’s the only way to catch these views of Illimani: Photographed during the hike to Chacaltaya in Bolivia.  Advertisements

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How to do Adventure – a Guide in 24 Steps

From my current base in La Paz in Bolivia, I wanted to climb Chacaltaya. It seemed like a relatively easy mountain above 5000 m, and thus a good opportunity to set a new altitude record without falling into crevasses and battling with yetis. In … Continue reading

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Spring in the Bavarian Forest

My father sent this photo to keep me up to date about the change of seasons in Germany. It shows the creek Kleine Ohe near Waldhäuser in Bavaria. I have been trying to convince my father to travel with me … Continue reading

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After the Rain

On my way back by bicycle from Europos Parkas to Vilnius, I first got lost (just a tiny bit) and then got caught up in the rain. By the time I had reached a patch of forest to seek shelter, … Continue reading

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Scary Reptile

Before I went into the jungle in Bolivia, my biggest fear was of snakes. But then, after a couple of days of wading through the green hell, completely lost, I heard something move in the tree above my head. I … Continue reading

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Photographed at Tipnis National Park in Bolivia.

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Next trip: Tipnis National Park in Bolivia

My Bolivian housemate Henry is a computer and telecommunications expert who likes to watch football and drink beer. From time to time though, he says “let’s go into the wilderness” with the spontaneity of someone who wants to play a … Continue reading

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