The Azure Window is no more

I have written about the ferocious storms on Malta before, much stronger than any I have ever experienced in the Atlantic or the Pacific, and unimaginable to people who only visit the Mediterranean in summer.

Today, a storm took away the Azure Window, a landmark of Malta’s sister island Gozo.


Now it looks like this:


Whenever I told you about the force of the gales on Malta, you didn’t believe me. When I told you that the storms blew me from one side of the road to the other, you didn’t believe me. When I told you that parts of houses and trees were flying through the air, you didn’t believe me. When I told you that the wind blew so strong that I couldn’t sleep all night, you didn’t believe me. – Look at the huge chunk of massive rock that the storm took away – and rethink your doubts.

Many tourists will now wonder “is it still worthwhile to visit Gozo?” Yes, it is! The island is much quieter than Malta, with the charming capital Victoria (Rabat) and a coastline of dramatic cliffs for a full day of hiking.

(Zur deutschen Fassung.)

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10 Responses to The Azure Window is no more

  1. Read about this on the new, it’s so sad

  2. Travlermb says:

    Wow, was there a few years ago,, was quite a site. I actually prefer Gozo to Malta, so yes still worth visiting IMO

    • I absolutely agree with you.
      I regret that I only visited once (to be fair, I was there in winter, so the ferry didn’t always work, again due to storms) and I would love to return to spend some quiet time on Gozo.

  3. heather anne says:

    Looks very intense :o

    • At times, the storms were really scary. Particularly the sounds at night that make you doubt if the house will withstand.
      I had the same experience on Sicily when I spent a winter there. And then, after two days, the storm would suddenly be over, it would be sunny and warm and perfect again.

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  5. This is unbelievable!! I also have pictures from this very point. Best regards Martina

  6. List of X says:

    ….and you can even use wind for transportation.

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