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The Sad Future of Catalonia

In some conflicts, you don’t need to pick a side. Because sometimes, both sides are wrong. Between the Catalan and the Spanish governments, it’s impossible to keep tabs on who has committed more grave mistakes. Even for supporters of self-determination, … Continue reading

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How to annoy people who study languages

Somebody proudly showing off: “I am making good progress with my Greek. I am already at B1 level.” Me: “Do you study north or south Greek?” They: “??” Me: [speaking several sentences in German] “Did you understand that?” They (insecure): “No.” … Continue reading

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You need a parasol?

When I went to Greece, I forgot to take my stylish hat. Walking along the promenade in Thessaloniki and suffering from the sun, I found relief in the form of public parasols. Good that it was early in the day, … Continue reading

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The Death of the Newspaper

This is how far it has come already: a memorial for printed newspapers or rather for their readers who are dying out. Is the end that nigh indeed? Photographed in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Easily Confused (48) Bank Holiday

Bank holiday in Britain: Bank holiday in Greece:

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Plastic Surgery Statistics

While browsing charts and graphs about property bubbles and purchasing power parity, I came across this chart in The Economist which shows how much plastic surgery is performed in the following countries. There is a lot to be said about … Continue reading

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Another “Humanitarian Crisis”

I woke up this morning, at 0630 mind you, to the radio news of BBC World Service which included a short item about Amnesty International warning of a “humanitarian crisis” in Greece because of the situation of the refugees there. … Continue reading

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The EU is finally a World Power

You know you have reached the level of world power when your flags get burned in the streets. America, step aside – here comes the EU. Now if only the protesters in Greece could explain what they want to express … Continue reading

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Football Germany vs. Greece

Tonight, at 2045 CEST: Germany meets Greece in the quarter finals of the European Football Championship 2012. In a sense only a football match, this encounter is completely overcharged with expectations, hopes and fears. After years of the financial crisis in … Continue reading

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Why Germany is bailing out Greece

Have you ever wondered why Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse, is contributing so much money to help Greece when even Greeks themselves are not contributing much more than going on strike, setting banks on fire and blaming Germany? The following photo … Continue reading

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