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Let’s take the Train into the Sunset!

Photographed at the train station in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. Links:

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Nobody needs an Airport

Zur deutschen Fassung. Have you been wondering how the revolutionary 9-euro ticket has transformed travel in Germany? Well, as expected, trains and buses are visibly fuller, sometimes crowded, although rarely overcrowded. (And if so, it’s always because of people who … Continue reading

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Last Sunset of 2021

And thus, the sun set on a year in which I achieved almost nothing of what I had set out to accomplish. But then, I wouldn’t have had time for most of it anyway. Links: This sunset was the culmination … Continue reading

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Good Night!

It had just stopped raining and I stepped outside to soak up the fresh air, yet untainted by all the flights that are going to resume next month. The sky said thanks, smiling a double smile. The sun, I think, … Continue reading

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Venta Micena – Day 21/30

The moonrise was more spectacular, and I have come to prefer sunrises over sunsets here, but I guess you also want to see some sunsets.

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Random Thoughts (22)

In 2017, I seem to have been a bit lazy. I did not run a single half-marathon. But with the risk of war rising, I want to become fitter again. Last weekend, I began by running a half-marathon near Pilsen … Continue reading

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Good evening from Kotor

I have already described one way for the people of Kotor to witness the sunset: to climb up Mount Vrmac, the mountain that stretches into the Bay of Kotor from the left in the first two photos. The other possibility … Continue reading

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The forest fires are still raging in Chapada Diamantina

The air-conditioned coach stops in the sweltering heat of high noon. Five men with heavy boots, in orange overalls, their faces covered behind pieces of cloth, protective plastic glasses and hats, storm towards the bus. Two of the men, who look as … Continue reading

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Sunset in Venice

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The sun sets over Târgu Mureș in Romania

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