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Köpenick – First Impressions

Zur deutschen Fassung. Berlin, at least as you know it today, is a rather young city. It was only created in 1920, when several surrounding towns, villages and rural estates were incorporated into Greater Berlin, which became 13 times the … Continue reading

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The Battlefield of Waterloo, Looking for the Bones, and a Surprising Supper

Zur deutschen Fassung. “Little Napoleon wants to be picked up on platform 2, please. And hurry, or he’ll lay waste to the whole town!” Only when I hear this announcement and look out of the train window, I realize what … Continue reading

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The most beautiful city in Germany that you never heard of

Zur deutschen Fassung. It always makes me sad when people visit Germany, and their only plan is to see Berlin and Munich. Or maybe that silly castle in the mountains. Which is really just one of thousands of castles in … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming

Suddenly, there were heaps of that crazy white stuff all over the place. It did make the cold a little bit more agreeable, though. Anyway, it was a good enough reason to leave the desk and computer for a day … Continue reading

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The Castle in the Fog

The things you discover when stumbling through the foggy moorlands, running from poachers, peat cutters, and the horsemen of the apocalypse. Continue reading

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The Romance of Railroad Travel

Zur deutschen Fassung. When I write about my railroad journeys around the world, whether it’s crossing Canada by train, taking the Orient Express, or going almost all the way to the North Cape, the eyes of readers fill with longing … Continue reading

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Let’s take the Train into the Sunset!

Photographed at the train station in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. Links:

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The largest Roman city you never heard of: Gorsium

Fumbling through the Puszta fog, somewhere between Balaton and Buda, between Pannonia and Pest, I discovered the largest Roman city you probably never heard of: Gorsium. Continue reading

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To Heat or Not To Heat?

That’s the question asked in many a household on the northern hemisphere these days. This cat was clearly waiting for me to initiate the heating season. When I explained to her that I try to abstain from using the heater … Continue reading

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Village Life in Hungary

Zur deutschen Fassung. One of the things I like about house-sitting is the arbitrariness of it. Sometimes, I get invited to cities like Vienna, Berlin or Stockholm. Places that everyone would want to go to, with plenty of things to … Continue reading

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