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The most stupid plan of all times

The battle of El-Alamein, crazy scientists, a great idea and nuclear explosions. Actually, a stupid idea and nuclear explosions. Continue reading

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What happened to the Arab Spring?

Here is the simplified explanation: Well, at least it did work in Tunisia.

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Child Abuse by Egyptian Military

To those of you who have always seen through the Egyptian military junta, this doesn’t come as a surprise of course. After all, why should a military dictatorship which abuses men and women stop short of abusing children? To those … Continue reading

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Did you notice the Irony? (9) Egypt

Egypt continues to be not only a source of bad news and sad news, but also of ironic twists and turns. = = = So the Egyptian military now imposed martial law. This includes a curfew in Cairo and 10 … Continue reading

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Did you notice the Irony? (# 5) Egypt’s constitutional conundrum

When Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi issued an edict according to which the judiciary would henceforth no longer be able to review the government’s actions, the judges  – understandably – wanted to protest against this far-reaching usurpation of executive powers. What … Continue reading

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Did you notice the Irony? (# 4) Middle East edition

The TV series “Homeland” recently aired an episode which depicted a street in Beirut, Lebanon as somewhat dangerous territory with Hezbollah guys brandishing AK-47s. Of course it was not really filmed in Beirut. Instead of ordering a pizza and enjoying … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Israeli Passport Stamp Problem

When speaking to fellow travellers, globetrotters and Couchsurfers, I am always amazed how many people are afraid of visiting Israel – not because of Hamas’ rockets from Gaza or because of suicide bombers, but because of a stamp in a … Continue reading

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Death at the Funeral: a Vicious Circle

Pope Shenouda III of the Coptic Christians died last weekend. On the next day, his body was put on display at the Coptic cathedral in Cairo, Egypt. Mourners overcrowded the cathedral and caused a stampede in which three people died. So, … Continue reading

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Two down, more to go.

What a year 2011 has already been in the Middle East and North Africa: In Tunisia and in Egypt, two long-term dictatorships have been toppled by street protests. If the transformation of this part of the world continues at the … Continue reading

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Mubarak doesn’t get the point.

President Mubarak’s speech on the evening of 10 February 2011 was not only a disappointment to Egyptians and the world, but it will be remembered as one of the worst political speeches ever. Poorly written and delivered, filled with platitudes, … Continue reading

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