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Now, Christmas is really over

Most readers of this blog probably live in the Western churches’ (both reformed and unreformed) as well as the Gregorian calendar’s sphere of influence, where the three magicians already put an end to Christmas two weeks ago. But here, in … Continue reading

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Venta Micena – Day 11/30

Oak trees in Andalusia look different from the ones I knew.

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Christmas Video: Treevenge

I don’t believe in Christmas myself, but nevertheless I want to bless you all with this lovely Christmas video: Have a happy season and don’t kill too many trees! Here is a suggestion for an alternative Christmas tree:

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A tree who barks doesn’t bite

I am not sure if this is normal for this kind of tree or if it’s sick. The bark came off in several layers, revealing red wood underneath. (Photographed on the hike from Laguna Wara Wara to Cochabamba in Bolivia.)

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Târgu Mureș: the Massacre has begun

Yesterday, Bulevardul Cetăţii in Târgu Mureș looked like this. Green, peaceful, refreshing, romantic. A place to sit, wander, relax, read, talk and smoke. A place where memories from childhood come alive and where new memories are formed. This morning, chainsaws roared. The first step was … Continue reading

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Putting the real Apple into your Computer

Some technological advances make me shake my head with incredulity. After I have painfully learnt that some people talk about their computer when they talk about an “Apple”, they could now be referring to the real fruit after all: A … Continue reading

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Death to the Conifers!

Deforestation speeds up climate change in two ways: First, the loss of trees reduces the forests’ capacity to convert carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Second, if deforestation is not carried out for the production of timber, but for the winning of … Continue reading

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