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Strangers in the Park

Hier geht es zur deutschen Fassung dieser Geschichte. I had two days left in Boston before returning to Germany, and I didn’t know anybody in the city. The year was 2009 and, as far as I knew, the internet hadn’t … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts (18)

“Time is more valuable than money could ever dream of being.” (Dan Kieran in The Idle Traveller) Thanks to Thomas Kuban for pointing me to The Ultimate Productivity Blog. Thanks to Priscila Serrano for the book 60 Degrees North, in … Continue reading

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Two Valentine’s Days in Romania

Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels. Orthodox Christianity is perfect for people who are always late with getting presents. Because everything happens later, you have some extra time. Christmas is on 7 January, Easter is later as well (but with a … Continue reading

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Climate Change is Real (my TEDx video)

After giving a talk at a TEDx conference in Romania in 2015, I stayed in contact with the very friendly team in Târgu Mureș even after I moved to South America. So, for this year’s conference, they asked me for a … Continue reading

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Delinquent Debtors

This wouldn’t fly in Germany because someone would scream “violation of privacy” and lawsuits would ensue, but in Bolivia and in Romania, there are lists in the entrance hall of apartment complexes showing the tenants’ names and what they respectively owe … Continue reading

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Love is in the Air

At the airshow in Targu Mures, Romania:

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The 7th Day Adventurers

It was summer, I was single, I had some time on my hands and I wanted to explore more of Romania. The advertisement for the group of adventurers I saw at a bus stop in Târgu Mureș came at the perfect time. … Continue reading

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My Donations to Public Libraries

My steadfast refusal to read e-books even in 2016 has two practical disadvantages: Each year, a few trees are felled just for the books I read. Whenever I stay at one place for a few months, I am gathering a … Continue reading

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Burn after Reading

After the semi-successful completion of my mission in Romania, it’s time to move again. That means that I have to go through the same protocol as with every other move before. Step 1 Burn all documents about the completed mission. For that … Continue reading

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One month until Brazil

It’s October, but we already have November weather. As much as I will miss Romania (the rest of the country is more beautiful than the view from my window), on days like this, I know it was a clever decision … Continue reading

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