A tree who barks doesn’t bite


I am not sure if this is normal for this kind of tree or if it’s sick. The bark came off in several layers, revealing red wood underneath.

(Photographed on the hike from Laguna Wara Wara to Cochabamba in Bolivia.)

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8 Responses to A tree who barks doesn’t bite

  1. There is a similar tree in the Sierra Norte near Oaxaca that is called madrona. Perhaps they are cousins.

    • Thanks! I checked the madrona tree, and while they both lose bark, their whole physique and the type of bark are quite different. The madrona has a very smooth surface, but this tree everything but smooth, both regarding its bark as well as its shape.

  2. locotojhon says:

    Am pretty sure it is a q’ewina (sp?) tree, that sheds its bark naturally. It is a very strong/tough tree that is used to make charcoal with…at least that is what it looks like to me. I’ve also seen lightning damage that has split trees asunder with explosive force. Neat photos.

  3. Lou-ter-Lou says:

    Awesome photos. The bark will at least be great to start a camp fire with ^_^

  4. mercedes says:

    Es un arbol de Kewiña,, es una especie nativa de los andes de mi pais Bolivia, existe en el departamento de cochabamba en la cordillera de los andes, por la cordillera del tunari y en la zona del valle alto, HAY BOSQUES DE KEWIÑAS en el Valle Alto de Cochabamba y tb hay en la paz en el Parque Nacional Sajama!… le dicen a su madera que cuando se usa para hacer fuego, es el fuego que nunca se apaga!!…SON ARBOLES NATIVOS HERMOSOS!!…

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