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Müggelheim, where Berlin looks like Sweden

Zur deutschen Fassung. Staying in Berlin for two months, I get plenty of calls from readers, fans, friends and foes who happen to live in Berlin and want to meet up in person. “So, where in Berlin are you?” they … Continue reading

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Patriotic Reforestation

“If the forest grows, the motherland will prosper” or something similar is written on this sign in Transnistria.

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Spring in the Bavarian Forest

My father sent this photo to keep me up to date about the change of seasons in Germany. It shows the creek Kleine Ohe near Waldhäuser in Bavaria. I have been trying to convince my father to travel with me … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Forest Fires in Chapada Diamantina

As promised, I will keep you updated on the forest fires in Chapada Diamantina National Park in Brazil. While hiking yesterday, I saw these fires from afar. Obviously, I wanted to get as close to them as possible. Who wouldn’t? Here … Continue reading

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Don’t fly away now!

To the people in that plane: You picked the wrong time to fly away. It’s so beautiful here in autumn. That’s why I will spend two weeks in Germany before flying to Gran Canaria and then taking the boat to … Continue reading

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A Poem for the Forest

In Podgorica, Montenegro, I saw this poem for the forest, but I cannot find any English translation online. Can any of my Serbian/Montenegrin-speaking readers help? Thank you very much!

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Video: A Busy Day at Work

I often receive reactions of surprise when I point out that I don’t have time to accept invitations to meetings, to get something done or to answer your e-mails. But I am really extremely busy. To counter the incredulous astonishment that regularly meets this assertion, … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Quiet Forest

You city folk, office workers, commuters, parents of noisy children and fighters in the Syrian civil war must be longing for a peaceful, quiet forest like this. Specifically for you, I recorded this quiet forest video: But what was that? … Continue reading

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Isn’t that a beautiful place? (Part 1)

I am going to write about my walk to that forest in a week or so, but in the meantime I’d like you to guess where it is. If someone gets it right, you will win a prize of my choosing. … Continue reading

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Death to the Conifers!

Deforestation speeds up climate change in two ways: First, the loss of trees reduces the forests’ capacity to convert carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Second, if deforestation is not carried out for the production of timber, but for the winning of … Continue reading

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