Târgu Mureș: the Massacre has begun

Yesterday, Bulevardul Cetăţii in Târgu Mureș looked like this. Green, peaceful, refreshing, romantic. A place to sit, wander, relax, read, talk and smoke. A place where memories from childhood come alive and where new memories are formed.

bulevardul cetatii 3

This morning, chainsaws roared. The first step was taken in destroying this idyllic place. The first step in the destruction of a boulevard that is not only unique in Romania, but in all of Europe. The first step in destroying the heart and the soul of Târgu Mureș. The first step in making it a town like any other, just with more ammonia in the air.


I am so angry about people who think that another spot to park a car is more important than a tree. Where are you going to take your children to eat ice cream? Where do you think your son should take his girlfriend for a walk? Where are you going to teach your daughter to ride a bicycle? In a car park? If you think that cars are more important than trees, move to Bucharest!

I am also angry about the municipality which has been providing conflicting information about its plans for Bulevardul Cetăţii. You are just running this town because you have been elected for a few years. Don’t make rash decisions which will deny the beauty of this boulevard to all future generations, way beyond the term that you were elected for. When a city representative says that no trees will be cut down, and we discover that this was not true, then we feel deceived and lied to. Lied to by the people who have been elected by us, are supposed to work for us and are paid by us.

I am also angry about the many people in Târgu Mureș who want to protect Bulevardul Cetăţii but don’t get their ass off the couch. You can’t protect trees by sitting at home and posting something on the internet! We need to get out and show how much we care. We need to show that trees are more important to us than yet more concrete and cars. We need to show that we have an idea what kind of Târgu Mureș we want to live in.

I am angry about the people who say “there is nothing we can do,” without even trying. There are many things we can do! Even if the municipality tries to keep their plans secret (which is a strange thing to do in a democracy), I am sure that enough people are involved for one of them to give an anonymous tip of the next tree-cutting. Or the people who live there or pass by will notice. And then everyone who cares should be notified immediately, and we all swarm to Bulevardul Cetăţii and hug the trees – or even chain ourselves to the trees – to protect them from chainsaws and axes. We only need a few hundred people for this. In a city of 135,000, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The trees cannot defend themselves. They need our help!

What have I done to you??

“What have I done to you??”

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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36 Responses to Târgu Mureș: the Massacre has begun

  1. Dante says:

    Heck, I am so angry I could almost chop a tree myself now…

    Better call Treebeard and the ents’ army. ;)

  2. Jesus Christ says:

    when a gipsy is running the town full of servile people with a slave’s mentality, they will act like a gipsy. no racism here, sadly it is the truth. people in romania cannot see the bigger picture. they cut trees, ruin nature, destroy forests and wildlife for some measly money for the moment, or to park a car. and when they destroy everything and cannot breathe the air anymore, they will say “god is angry with us because we sin” and it’s all resolved for them.

    respect to the few that are the exception.

    • No need for your racism.
      Trees are being cut everywhere, in every country, all over the world, irrespective of the ethnicity of the citizens and/or the mayor. So there’s obviously no connection.

    • Les Enfants says:

      there’s no need for anyone’s racism here or anywhere else. in this case however, there is a strong connection. weather we live in a fluffy cloud or not.

    • As I pointed out, there cannot be any connection because most trees in the world are being cut down by non-Romanians and non-Gypsies.

    • The fact that you hide your name. Impersonate Jesus Christ and you put a picture with an ass. I can assume that you are an asshole. No racism here.
      Make a stand by showing your identity in front of the town hall and protest if you are so disgusted.

    • Ancientus says:

      people like above are the most toxic. moving a problem from simple facts to race issues start arguments, wars and any shit you can imagine.
      however – how many trees were cut there? maybe they cut an old tree? do they cut all trees over there? can’t understand yet

    • Someone who speaks Romanian or Hungarian and understands what’s going on can probably explain better.

      Today, one tree was cut. Of course it was old, they all are, that’s the beauty of them. But that’s not the reason it was cut, but to make space for a parking place.
      I have also read that the workers who cut it down didn’t even have the permit to cut that tree. Maybe that’s why they stopped after the first one, at least for today.

      I think it’s important that we make it clear that we prefer the trees over yet more parking (which won’t hold many cars anyway). This boulevard is so unique and beautiful.

    • Ancientus says:

      you’re doing it well. it’s even better to hear from a foreigner.
      if the only reason for cutting the tree is the parking space than it sounds really outrageous!
      too bad there is no such a strong bond between people and authorities in our country (and not only). that’s the root of all problems – you elect someone to rule and organize you and they steal everything, from concepts, beliefs, to any material stuff.

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  4. Rodney Jones says:

    We people , are sometimes the smartest and the dumbest peoples , at the same time. Listen , there is only one race of people and it is the human race , there are different types of people but only one race. So, please , take the time to look around at the wonderful human race and all you will see are peoples.

    • Exactly.
      I have traveled all around the world and discovered that ethnicity and skin color are not what counts. There are good and bad people everywhere, there are extrovert and introvert people everywhere, there are funny and serious people everywhere, there are clever and stupid people everywhere. We are all individuals, and we are so much more shaped by our parents, our upbringing, our education and our own life experience than by the color of our skin or the nationality in our passport.

  5. alex says:

    In afara de acel singur copac, au ma taiat ceva?

    • Emi says:

      Part stanga nu mai exista…nici tufisuri, nici iarba verde si multi copaci au dispaut, au lasat doar cateva pe partea respectiva

  6. Ok, now there will be a protest in Targu Mures on Sunday, 24 May at 18:00 hours.

    See you there!

  7. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  8. Sin says:

    copacii sunt taiati pt ca reprezinta un pericol! Pot sa se rupa in orice moment si sa cada pe “copii ce mananca inghetata”
    Terminati! Nu se fac lucrurile asa fara cap si negandite

    • Anonymous says:

      Tu si cei ca tine prezinta cel mai mare pericol. Orasul este inghitit de fumul sufocant al combinatului ceausist, iar copacii care dau oxigen sunt taiati de descendentii imbecililor venetici care au invadat orasul in 1920.

    • No Comment says:

      dute ma cu ruptu copacilor…..copacii verzi nu se rup asa din senin. daca erau uscati si vai de capu lor mai ziceam

  9. Balázs Krisztina says:

    Unfortunetly the cuttings will go on! They got authorisation to cut other 2 trees! The meeting in saturday could be too late to do something!

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  11. amcmulin914 says:

    So sad that this destructive spirit rules the world. I live in the Mid-West of the U.S. and our waters are so polluted you can’t even take you kids for a swim, or go fishing. Good for you for speaking out. The only solace I find in these matter is thinking of the infinite space that exists out in the universe. We may destroy this planet, but have no fear, we cannot destroy the creative spirit which fills all the universe. Good luck.

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  13. Why are the most ignorant and uncaring people always in charge? Several years ago in Oaxaca, Mexico, the powers that be at the time decided to cut down all the giant trees in the zocalo. People said NO, and sat in the zocalo so that the deed could not be done. And the trees are still there.

    On a lighter note, whatever happened to the little bird?

    • That’s exactly the kind of protest which I suggest.

      The little pigeon grew up fast, learnt to fly after a few more weeks and now the whole pigeon family flies around the neighborhood. Sometimes they still come back, particularly when they want to hide from the rain.

  14. Emi says:

    PEOPLE!!!!! DON’t be stupid. Look at the picture, look at the topic and let’s not start talking about racial issues, this is not that topic. Get back to the real issue! Thank You!

    • Exactly.
      I was also saddened that even such a simple issue brings out racist comments. And in Targu Mures/Marosvasarhely/Neumarkt am Mieresch, there is the added complexity that when people protest, there will probably be one Romanian and one Hungarian protest. As long as people are divided, they won’t able to achieve saving these beautiful old trees.

  15. That f*cking “mayor” said all the trees will be cut. And unfortunately these idiots with their chainsaws can’t be stopped. This “mayor”, named Dorin Florea has a tree phobia, whereever he sees some trees he destroys them. There is a plan to distroy the last piece of the nearby forest with the costruction of a highway which would cut that forest in two.

    • The chainsaws can be stopped! We just need to be at the Boulevard all the time, many of us, and when the chainsaws come, we chain ourselves to the trees. – The municipality will only go ahead if they think that the protest is not serious.

    • Alexandra says:

      Exactly the same thing happened in Iași, another city from Romania, on thr boulevard. The trees they cut were a symbol of out city. After 2 years of constantly protesting, they planted the trees back. Buy oh well, now we need another 50 years for them to grow like they used to be. Maybe you can do it better than us, wish you good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes it is true, the romanian gipsy origin, Dorin Florea, mayor of city Tirgu-Mures, he is the most criminal and killer from the history of this city.

  16. I feel for all of those trees as I used to spend a lot of time on those benches, but I am annoyed by one statement in the post.

    Yes, come to Bucharest if you want to spend some time between concrete walls.

    Like these:

    Just because we all like Tirgu Mures doesn’t mean that we should trash some other place. :)

    • I agree.

      My intention was actually not to trash Bucharest, but to point out that not every city in the world needs to have everything. And Targu Mures doesn’t need more shopping malls and car parks just because some other cities have more of those.

  17. Bryan says:

    this is a blood massacre-( if tree sap is blood)
    what can be done-???
    they did this in england but locals fought back and won

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