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Anthony Bourdain, 1956-2018

Food is a big part of travel. For some people, it’s the most exciting part. Unfortunately, food is the part of life in which I am least adventurous. I wish I was open to try anything once, but if somethings … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts (22)

In 2017, I seem to have been a bit lazy. I did not run a single half-marathon. But with the risk of war rising, I want to become fitter again. Last weekend, I began by running a half-marathon near Pilsen … Continue reading

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Suicide is not such a bad thing

Hier findet Ihr die deutsche Fassung dieses Artikels. September 10th is “World Suicide Prevention Day”. Well, at least it is safe to assume that this day was not conceived by the greeting cards industry, for once. Yet the question remains: Suicide Prevention … Continue reading

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The Self-Ownership Thesis

The following essay about the self-ownership thesis was written as part of my MA in Philosophy and tries to answer the question “‘The intuition that motivates the self-ownership thesis and that generates its inegalitarian consequences rests on the idea that I … Continue reading

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