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When people complain about my fees

I guess you can see that I was hungry when I replied to that comment. Sometimes people say: “I understand that you charge so much. After all, you had to study for 4 or 5 years to become a lawyer.” … Continue reading

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I will raise my fees by 100%

At my current standard fee of 200 EUR for a legal consultation I still receive far too many inquiries, meaning that it often takes me weeks to reply. Therefore, I have to resort to that powerful tool to regulate supply and demand: the … Continue reading

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Three Kinds of Service

I have always been telling this to my clients. I am happy it has finally been made into a nice graphic.

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Pushy person poses paradox

I receive a lot of questions through my blog and by e-mail, most of them about law. Some of them are interesting, some of them are funny, others are incomprehensible. The worst ones are those by people who believe that … Continue reading

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How to find a good Lawyer

Ever since I closed my law firm to go on a long and ongoing sabbatical, people are asking me if I can recommend a lawyer to them. I usually can’t. But I will give you the 10 ultimate guidelines for … Continue reading

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How to spot fake immigration advice

Immigration advice is a big business. Millions of people want to emigrate every year and seek out lawyers, attorneys and other immigration advisers. How can you tell a competent adviser from a fake one? I will have more on that … Continue reading

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More Pestering Questions from the Philippines

Despite being on sabbatical from working as a lawyer, I sometimes volunteer to give advice about German law via AllExperts. Some people think that they can approach a lawyer and are entitled to an answer to their questions. They are wrong. One year ago, I wrote … Continue reading

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