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Random Thoughts (24)

Good news: the days are getting longer. Unless you live in the Southern hemisphere, then you are doomed to darkness. And unless you live on the equator, in which case you are missing out on something fabulous. My sister asked … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts (22)

In 2017, I seem to have been a bit lazy. I did not run a single half-marathon. But with the risk of war rising, I want to become fitter again. Last weekend, I began by running a half-marathon near Pilsen … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts (11)

Mohammad Mostafaei, the lawyer with whom I was arrested in Iran, has written a book. He says I am in it too, but I can’t read Norwegian, so I have to wait for a translation. Does anyone still remember José Echegaray … Continue reading

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For the Fitness Fanatics

Always remember: This reminder was photographed on the cruise ship Sovereign, with which I crossed the Atlantic. The reason for the temporary limitation of physical activity was that the jogging route went around deck 7 and was exactly above the suites on deck … Continue reading

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Half Marathon in the Mountains

When I signed up for the half marathon, a friendly lady pointed out to me that the clock would be changed tomorrow, on 26 October, the day of the race. I would have overlooked that. My first thought: “How stupid … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam (4) Running

Excuses? None. So I will go for a run in the sun. That should be fun!

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Trakai half marathon

On 12 May 2013, I participated in a half marathon at beautiful Trakai in Lithuania. There were four laps, 5 km each, around the small town and along the shoreline of the lakes. It was very well organised and it was … Continue reading

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Not so fast, Usain Bolt

Whenever somebody says “Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world”, I cringe. My sense of logic feels under attack by this sentence – and by similar outrageous statements. I am not saying that Usain Bolt could not be … Continue reading

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Half Marathon at Eton

For the first time in almost a year, I have managed to run a half marathon (21 km = 13 miles) again yesterday. I ran at Eton, a small town situated west of London, which forms one community with the … Continue reading

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My half marathons

A half marathon is 21 km = 13 miles. 4 April 2004 – Amberg, Germany – 2:02:06 (2 hours, 2 minutes, 6 seconds) 10 April 2005 – Amberg, Germany – 1:47:44 14 September 2008 – Eschenbach, Germany – 1:59:40 26 October … Continue reading

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