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More Exciting than a Thriller

Zur deutschen Fassung. It’s been months, if not years, since I last saw a good movie in the theater. On TV, they are showing “Outbreak,” “Pandemic” and cheap adaptations thereof every day. But fortunately, there is this Russian lawyer and … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts (7)

Don’t blame me for looking at your ( . )( . ) when you wear sunglasses and I can’t look at your eyes. In Venezuela, the richest country in South America between the 1950s and the 1980s, and still the … Continue reading

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Better than a Spy Novel: the Trump-Kremlin Files

I was sitting in the park outside of the courthouse in Puno today, reading Nuestro hombre en La Habana and, fittingly, smoking a habano, when a gentleman in a suit – but without a hat – walked up to me and … Continue reading

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What does the future hold for Putin?

He will manage a pub in Jerusalem, wedged between a shop displaying the star-spangled banner in its logo and one in Jamaican colors.

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How gay is Vladimir Putin?

Mr Putin as a construction worker: Mr Putin as a soldier: Mr Putin as a cowboy: Mr Putin as a motorbike-riding rocker: Mr Putin with a gun: Mr Putin catching birds to put together his “Red Indian” costume: Mmmhh, where … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (31) Pardons

Thanksgiving pardon in the USA: Christmas pre-Olympic pardon in Russia:

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Easily confused (5) Little Nellie

The original: The copycat:

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Pussy Riot: Berlusconi comes to the rescue

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No wonder I am afraid of going to the dentist

For more photos of Vladimir Putin in action, click here.

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Why Putin really cried

When Vladimir Putin was appointed dictator for life re-elected as President on 4 March 2012, he had tears in his eyes when he appeared in front of government employees who had been ordered to attend jubilant voters. But what did Russia’s strong … Continue reading

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