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How about tipping?

Wikipedia has this map of tipping customs in restaurants: This might be useful for those of you who like to do things as they are done customarily. Me, I am rather skeptical regarding tipping. And it really pisses me off … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts (7)

Don’t blame me for looking at your ( . )( . ) when you wear sunglasses and I can’t look at your eyes. In Venezuela, the richest country in South America between the 1950s and the 1980s, and still the … Continue reading

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Don’t look at the boobs, son!

At the “March for Life”, which is more an event against abortion and contraception, in Ottawa, Canada, FEMEN activists stormed the stage in protest. As is typical for the ladies of FEMEN, they weren’t wearing very much. I have commented on the … Continue reading

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Berlusconi’s library

Italians don’t need any zombie movies because Silvio Berlusconi regularly appears in his video messages. I don’t know if anyone watches them, but these messages seem to give the former Prime Minister a feeling of still being important. In his … Continue reading

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US election 2012: Voters explain why they vote

A voter explains his vote for Barack Obama: A voter explains her vote for Mitt Romney: If you are going to vote, let us know YOUR reasons.

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SHOCKING: new photos of Kate Middleton with naked boobs

You probably missed Kate Middleton’s (semi-)nude photos because Ms Middleton’s lawyers were quick to ask a court to have their publication banned. Or, if you are like me, you missed these photos because you couldn’t care less about them. But … Continue reading

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