Random Thoughts (7)

  1. Don’t blame me for looking at your ( . )( . ) when you wear sunglasses and I can’t look at your eyes.
  2. In Venezuela, the richest country in South America between the 1950s and the 1980s, and still the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, people are now dying from starvation.
  3. Now, Venezuela is better known for its high murder rate. I am curious to visit.
  4. In Bolivia, I sometimes buy movies to learn Spanish. Obviously, this works best with movies that I have previously watched in English or German and that have a lot of talking. In other words: lawyer movies like A Few Good Men. After asking the third or fourth DVD vendor and noticing their blank stare, I realized that the film is older than the boys selling movies, so of course they didn’t know it. I asked “where in this street is the oldest movie seller?” and one of the boys led me to an old gentleman. When I inquired for Cuestión de honor, he immediately knew what I meant and picked the right DVD from a wall of at least 1000 films.cuestion-de-honor
  5. I guess it must be tough to be named after a dictator and a virus.
  6. Donald Trump: “Putin was right. You don’t need a parliament to govern.”
  7. Facebook’s algorithms can’t be that good if they put this on my profile after I have been posting atheist comments, images and articles for years. They of all people should also know that I am in some atheist Facebook groups. To anyone reading my posts, it should furthermore be obvious that I don’t have a family, that I don’t have friends and that I hate celebrations.fb-three-kings
  8. People call me a smart-ass because my ass is indeed smarter than some people’s brain.
  9. From the perspective of South America, the Spanish and the Christians have been the most dangerous people in history.
  10. On top of all the other problems associated with fake news, those writers even earn more than journalists, let alone honest bloggers like me.
  11. I am happy to read that there is no age limit for the Erasmus program. I will do that too when I will return to university. Which will probably be soon.
  12. In an interview about her book True Believer: Stalin’s Last American Spy, the author Kati Marton pointed to the parallels between those who were seduced to spy for the Soviet Union and those who now join ISIS. The prevailing motivation in both groups is not identification with the enemy, but a feeling of not belonging to one’s society of one’s talents being overlooked, and the wish to be someone special. The boys who are now becoming jihadists might have joined Fidel Castro in the 1950s.
  13. The problem of suicide bombers will sooner or later be solved by evolution.
  14. If you ever visit Berlin, I recommend a visit of the former Stasi prison. Tours are given by former inmates, which is a memorable and moving experience.
  15. It’s so tiring to watch the new White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, that you may want to relax by watching the original:

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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7 Responses to Random Thoughts (7)

  1. ensnaturae says:

    AND…”looking at” any ( ° )( ° ), with or without sunglasses on attached face..sans invitation/permission…ought to be at least 10 euros.

    • Well, you have to look somewhere, and I find it weird to look into dark sunglasses.

    • ensnaturae says:

      I suppose there must be plenty of gals who wouldnt mind ..having anyone look at bits of their bodies…but, I feel duty bound to point out..you can’t know who approves and who doesn’t, from casual meetings in the street, with strangers. Does empathy work…maybe? Are you OK..with men and women..focusing on particular bits of you? Your bottom or crotch, maybe? It is never as frightening ..for a man who has almost always grown up with some kind of attention to “physical self defence”‘ and so has a mind already receptive to that idea…..(boobs are, generally speaking, considered erotic areas, in a similar way?)
      In any empty streets, or at night time..or evening…my GUESS is that such a gaze..would be terrifying, for many individuals..Boobs …are not well placed as places to find friendship…I’m guessing what your mother would tell you…😁

      And I forgot…yes!!!!!!…do persuade your father to go with you, with his camera. His moon photos are the best ever..

    • We are currently in negotiations and I think I can soon announce a Balkan tour this summer with my father.

  2. ensnaturae says:

    How many *one line* answers ref. German citizenship would you do for 100 euros, please?

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