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Do you discriminate against disabled people?

Do you discriminate against disabled people? – I bet you do! And I bet you didn’t even know it yourself. Take this simple test: How many hours did you spend watching the Olympics? This figure is A. How many hours did … Continue reading

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Palestinians at the Olympic Games, now and then

Palestinians at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich: Palestinians at the 2012 Olympic Games in London: That’s quite an improvement, I would say.

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Easily confused, # 2

British teenagers playing with fire in August 2011: British teenagers playing with fire in August 2012: I found 2011 more exciting.

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London is ready for World War III

So we have the 2012 Summer Olympics coming to town. As a Londoner, I am not excited. A busy, crowded and polluted city like London needs two more weeks of a massive rumpus like a hole in its head. And … Continue reading

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