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“Munich” by Robert Harris

Robert Harris, an experienced writer of historical thrillers, has taken on the Munich Agreement of 1938, in which Germany and the United Kingdom agreed that Germany could annex parts of Czechoslovakia. At the time, people believed that such a concession, … Continue reading

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Palestinians at the Olympic Games, now and then

Palestinians at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich: Palestinians at the 2012 Olympic Games in London: That’s quite an improvement, I would say.

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“Munich” in Malta

A few weeks ago, when I first was in Malta’s capital to take some photos of Valletta for you,  the scenery and atmosphere reminded me of the film “Munich” by Steven Spielberg (2005). The film, staying close to real events, … Continue reading

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Merger Control of a different kind

With merger control, governments and courts usually try to prevent companies from joining forces and forming a monopoly that would have negative effects for the market and for consumers. A court in Germany has now stopped a merger of a … Continue reading

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