11 Responses to Iran chickening out of 2012 Olympics?

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  2. John Erickson says:

    It has to be something in the water. Especially after hearing Khaddafi verbally meandering around, commenting that he has no money overseas and that the only rebels are drugged-up Al-Qaeda flunkies. Could it be that the Soviets lied, and that most of Chernobyl’s fallout went south, not west? Or are some of those poison gas stockpiles from Iraq starting to leak after a decade of neglect? :)

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  4. Wise Potato says:

    It looks like a lego man to me… has nothing to do with “zionists”
    They just want to cause problems….
    Btw, i am sorry you wasted 6 days in prison in Iran. Hope they didnt do anything to you..
    God bless

  5. To me it appears to show China taking over as the world super-power, and America reducing to a mere little squire in the middle of the world.

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  8. Tutorial says:

    An all ’round incredibly written piece..

  9. Tarotista says:

    At least some bloggers can write. My thanks for this writing!!

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  11. There You Go says:

    Such a short, pointless blog. Are you just trying to generate traffic?

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