Do you discriminate against disabled people?

Do you discriminate against disabled people? I bet you do! And I bet you didn’t even know it yourself.

Take this simple test:paralympics-2016

How many hours did you spend watching the Olympics? This figure is A.

How many hours did you spend watching the Paralympics? This figure is B.

If A > B, then you discriminate against disabled people.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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12 Responses to Do you discriminate against disabled people?

  1. I’m guessing I must be racist, because I didn’t watch and don’t have a clue what A or B is.
    BTW, I didn’t watch any unracist sports either, except what my wife held me captive.

  2. Rats! I thought I’d be off the hook if both A&B were zero. (Not totally true – I DID actually catch a bit of each opening ceremony, but since those weren’t really sporting events, I figure they don’t really count.)
    So let me guess – I don’t discriminate against disabled people, but I DO discriminate against sports? Hey, they discriminated against me FIRST, otherwise the dang games wouldn’t be so HARD! :D

  3. isabellafellini says:

    What’s my score for not owning a TV?

    • => less time wasted => higher quality of life

    • Stefan MD says:

      But she has internet, you have to include that in the equation – it’s the modern time-waster ;)
      And I don’t need to mention that you can watch tv online these days.

  4. Basti says:

    This is nuts… What if A < B? Would you say that I discriminate "not disabled" people?
    Probably not…

  5. tanjamaltija says:

    What’s the equation like if the television stations in my country did not even deign give us the opening ceremony of the Paralympics live? Is it discrimination by proxy? I watched a little of both, by the way.

  6. myjourney2healthy says:

    If only America televised the Paralympics! I would be able to answer!

  7. tanjamaltija says:

    … and if you want even more rabid discrimination…

  8. elm says:

    is this guy for real or just plain crazy! haha Wow. I guess I’m racist also because I did not attend the black history parade held in town last February. Oh and I did not go to the Native American Culture awareness expose in town. Oh and I don’t like sushi. Oh and I don’t care for french fries and french toast. :) Come on – this is taken to an absurdly offensive extreme. I watch what is entertaining for me – not to provide actual support to the athletes. The Paralympics is not entertaining to me so I don’t watch it. Some people like watching football, some golf, some news channels, some cartoons. Who cares! When the Paralympics are found entertaining to me I will watch them until then I’ll stick with what I find worth my time. I’m sure there are some amazing athletes that have over come some amazing challenges but that does not mean I need to watch, support, or care for them beyond any care I would give another human-being. I don’t turn on the 10 o’clock news at night to support the local news anchors. Do you??? I almost feel I’m being discriminated against for not being disabled. Well that was fun. have a good day.

  9. List of X says:

    Two questions: if I watched about 75 seconds of Olympic coverage and none of Paralympics, but I once spent a couple weeks volunteering at Paralympics but never at regular Olympics, do I discriminate against disabled people or against non-disabled people?
    And 2: How come your question about 2016 Olympics has comments from 2012? Are you now traveling in time too?

    • 1) That makes you a very good person whose example puts other people who just sit at home and write blogs to shame.
      2) I admit that this post is recycled from the last Olympic Games in 2012.

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