Patriotic Reforestation

“If the forest grows, the motherland will prosper” or something similar is written on this sign in Transnistria.


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4 Responses to Patriotic Reforestation

  1. List of X says:

    It’s actually more like “Growing the forest is serving the motherland”. And I’m pretty sure that Transnistria might have the forests but not much of prosperity.

    • But they have very fertile soil, it seemed to me.
      Transnistria actually did not look particularly poor to me, at least not compared with other Eastern European countries. There is a clear city/village divide with the latter looking poorer, but that’s the case even in some Eastern EU countries. And then there is of course the big gap between rich and normal/poor, but that’s also not unique to Transnistria.

    • @farbenstau says:

      Isn’t that more like “home”, rather than “motherland”? Motherland should be something like Rodina (Родина), shouldn’t it?

    • I have no idea. I can’t even read these funny signs, although I once tried to learn Cyrillic.

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