Video Blog: Forest Fires in Chapada Diamantina

As promised, I will keep you updated on the forest fires in Chapada Diamantina National Park in Brazil.

While hiking yesterday, I saw these fires from afar. Obviously, I wanted to get as close to them as possible. Who wouldn’t?

Here is a video with a few of my explanations.

Two corrections, though:

  • Nothing was closed off. I saw some military police at the entrance of the park and apparently drew wrong conclusions from their presence, because I later came across plenty of hikers who had gone into the same direction as me.
  • The information that nobody fights the fires at night was a misinformation I had received. Meanwhile I have had an opportunity to spend a day with the volunteers and they have told me that the fires are being fought day and night.

I kept hiking up the canyon, getting closer to the fires.

Ultimately, I got geographically close to the fires, but the problem was that they were up on the southern side of the canyon. Steep cliffs separated the fires and me, and I would have needed to climb almost vertical walls of a few hundred meters.

deep canyon fire

I actually did try to climb up the northern side of the canyon, figuring that I would have a better view of the fires from there. But I had to stop after maybe 50 meters because the vegetation got too dense. Also, the rocks were dangerously slippery because of waterfalls. But at least you get a video of forest fires and a waterfall out of this expedition:

On my way back, as it got dark, I then spotted the actual fires instead of only the smoke for the first time.

forest burning 14Dec15 1

These fires looked very much alive and they flared up again and again. But despite the wind, they didn’t seem to cover a large area during the whole day. The fire was relatively stationary. But then, I saw columns of smoke in a lot of other directions across Chapada Diamantina.

(Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels.)

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8 Responses to Video Blog: Forest Fires in Chapada Diamantina

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  2. Cecilia says:

    Well… I told you. 😉 Rain is comming in few days, i hope. Btw, did you shave yourself?

  3. Dino Bragoli says:

    Goatees are more fire resistant!

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