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Bolivia’s missing children

One office stands out from all the others at the bus and train terminal in Santa Cruz. It’s the only one that doesn’t employ a person shouting the names of cities to which there are still available seats on the next … Continue reading

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Who stole the Pokemons?

As always, it was the innocently looking girls: The first girl is one of the Uros living on the floating islands in Lake Titicaca in Peru. The second girl is one of the Mojenos living in the remote community of … Continue reading

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The Children of the Jungle

I hate the jungle. Heat, humidity, mosquitoes, mud, piranhas, butterflies, leeches in the water, snakes in the forest, crocodiles on the riverbanks, malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, no orientation, no views, just trees after trees, from which all kind of crazy … Continue reading

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Aggression on the Playground

If I correctly interpreted this sign in Salvador in Brazil, it’s asking children to fight with each other. I also found it troublesome that the boy is kicking the girl, cementing negative gender stereotypes. (Auf Deutsch.)

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German Law on Having Babies

Last night, I received this e-mail: A married but separated woman asked if German law allows her husband to have babies with another woman while they aren’t yet divorced. Because this question comes up regularly, let me answer it once and for all: … Continue reading

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Child Poverty in Romania

The good news: In a statistic on child poverty, Romania is just one spot behind the USA, one of the richest countries in the world. That’s a remarkable achievement for a country which had to rebuild its economy from scratch after the … Continue reading

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Child Safety in America

A nice campaign by Moms demand Action for Gun Sense in America: Having grown up in Germany, I had Little Red Riding Hood (or rather “Rotkäppchen”), dodgeball and of course Kinder surprise eggs in my childhood. I didn’t have any assault … Continue reading

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Child in a Balloon

I find children annoying. I assume even most people who have children find them annoying sometimes. Each year when you embark on a holiday, you therefore face the question: Lock them in the basement, send them to a summer camp … Continue reading

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Women and Children First

“Women and children first” as practised around the world: “Women and children first” as practised by President Bashar al-Assad of Syria: (Zur deutschsprachigen Version dieses Artikels: Frauen und Kinder zuerst.)

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Easter Ceremony ridicules Disabled Child

Yesterday, I went to the small town of Dingli in Malta to watch a street procession for Easter. There were bands and the scouts who played music. Children and adults had dressed up as persons from the Bible’s New Testament and … Continue reading

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