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The Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Berichts. Puno, a small town in Peru. Situated at 3827 meters above sea level. It’s rather chilly uo there. I go to bed with a jacket and go jogging in the morning to defrost. The people … Continue reading

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The Day I Lost Everything I Owned

Zur deutschen Fassung dieser Geschichte. On my last day in Bolivia, I had bought a bus ticket from La Paz to Puno in Perú. When the bus made a stop for lunch in Copacabana and the driver said “the bus … Continue reading

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“Do not Overtake!”

„Why does nobody ever listen to me?” the do-not-overtake sign on the road from Puno to Arequipa wonders yet again.

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“Church was really boring today”

Photographed outside of the cathedral in Puno, Peru.

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Who stole the Pokemons?

As always, it was the innocently looking girls: The first girl is one of the Uros living on the floating islands in Lake Titicaca in Peru. The second girl is one of the Mojenos living in the remote community of … Continue reading

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