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Bolivia’s missing children

One office stands out from all the others at the bus and train terminal in Santa Cruz. It’s the only one that doesn’t employ a person shouting the names of cities to which there are still available seats on the next … Continue reading

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Prisons in Bolivia

Hier könnt Ihr diesen Artikel auf Deutsch lesen. Oops. My tourist visa expired and I am still in Bolivia. Well, one more country whose prisons I will experience first-hand. In the case of Bolivia, the prison system is particularly interesting. … Continue reading

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On the Orient Express in Bolivia

Long-term readers are already aware of it: the railroad is my favorite means of transport. So you can imagine my excitement when I read that Bolivia has an Orient Express: the Expreso Oriental from Santa Cruz to Quijarro on the border with Brazil. The excitement grew … Continue reading

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My Shadow is a Cowboy

The great thing about a hat is that your own shadow suddenly looks much cooler. (Photographed on the walk from San José de Chiquitos to Santa Cruz la Vieja in Bolivia. But that doesn’t really matter for this photo, does it?)

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Video Blog: NO campaign in Santa Cruz

It was Sunday evening, I was sitting in the central square of Santa Cruz in Bolivia, resting from the half marathon which I had run earlier that day. It was Valentine’s Day and of course I was by myself, when I suddenly … Continue reading

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Free T-Shirts vs Self-Made Costumes

Handing out free T-shirts is one way of getting people to campaign for you. So done by the campaign for the constitutional amendment which would allow the renewed re-election of President Morales in Bolivia. This was outside the bus/train station … Continue reading

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German history follows me all the way to Bolivia

Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels. A few days ago in Santa Cruz in eastern Bolivia: The Orient Express on which I had come from San José de Chiquitos, even further in the east of the country, was delayed by an hour, so I had … Continue reading

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Video Blog: How you wake up in Santa Cruz

It’s early morning in Santa Cruz in Bolivia. Although the smartest thing in this heat would be to get up and go to work at 5 o’clock, the Square of 24th September, named after a revolt on that day in 1810, is … Continue reading

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Personality Cult in Bolivia

It is not as bad as in dictatorships, but for a democracy, the personality cult surrounding President Evo Morales is quite strong. At Cochabamba airport, you already see a huge poster of the president from the tarmac, and all over the country, … Continue reading

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