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President Busch is dead

Yes, Bolivia had a President Busch, too. In a strange coincidence, Germán Busch was the 41st and 43rd President of Bolivia, just like George Bush Sr. and Jr. were the 41st and 43rd Presidents of the United States of America. … Continue reading

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Man with Hat

Walking around the cemetery in Piura, I stumbled into a photo shooting. “Wow, what a hot hombre,” the photographer exclaimed and asked me if I wanted to pose for some photos, giving his actual models time for a break. (In … Continue reading

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Cemetery Island

San Michele, the cemetery island of Venice in Italy: And this is how you get there:

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The Soviet Military Cemetery

When I am looking for a quiet place to read, there aren’t as many options available as it may seem: In the park, noisy children are playing. In the forest, man-eating bears are roaming. At the library, some of the girls are … Continue reading

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Danger to Life!

“Danger to life,” the sign warns – apparently without finding much attention, as indicated by the hundreds of graves next to it. (Seen at the cemetery in Bari in Italy.)

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Necropolis – the City of the Dead

Cities in Europe are becoming more and more similar. The same shops, the same fashion, the same films in cinemas, the same restaurants, the same music, the same food. To escape this mishmash, I like to visit cemeteries, where time … Continue reading

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Is this the most beautiful cemetery in the world?

Macedonia is full of cemeteries. Or maybe I just got this impression because every larger town has more than one resting place for its ancestors, always at least a Christian, a Muslim and a Jewish one. The latter hardly have any … Continue reading

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He was a Football Fan

(Photographed at the cemetery of Prilep in Macedonia.)

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Carnival Cemetery

It was a hot afternoon, the time when everything is closed and nothing moves in Italy. It was dead silent, as I was cycling around the island of La Maddalena, when I saw the road sign to a place called Panoramico. It was … Continue reading

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Flowers on Graves

“We actually don’t care if our relatives will pay us a visit and put flowers on our graves. Nature is taking care of this already.” (Photographed at the cemetery of Bari in Italy.)

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