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Facing the Firing Squad in Style

Zur deutschen Fassung. On a friend’s blog, I came across this photo, depicting Captain Carlos Fortino Sámano, facing a firing squad in 1917, during the Mexican Revolution. Please don’t ask me any details about that revolution/civil war, because it’s even … Continue reading

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Venta Micena – Day 12/30

Based on the photos you have seen thus far, you can probably imagine the heat in Andalusia. And there aren’t many trees providing shade. Without my hat, bought from a Roma family in Transylvania, I would long have had a … Continue reading

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No selfies from Easter Island

When people fly five hours to an island 3,700 km away from the mainland, they want photographic proof of having been there. Lots of photos. Tourists were walking up and down in silly poses before each stone statue on Easter … Continue reading

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Man with Hat

Walking around the cemetery in Piura, I stumbled into a photo shooting. “Wow, what a hot hombre,” the photographer exclaimed and asked me if I wanted to pose for some photos, giving his actual models time for a break. (In … Continue reading

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Fashion Forecast 2016

After I began setting a new trend in 2015, one thing is certain: 2016 will be the year of the hat. Gentlemen, if you don’t want to look old-fashioned next year, I recommend that you ride to the next hatter … Continue reading

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