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Danger to Life!

“Danger to life,” the sign warns – apparently without finding much attention, as indicated by the hundreds of graves next to it. (Seen at the cemetery in Bari in Italy.)

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Necropolis – the City of the Dead

Cities in Europe are becoming more and more similar. The same shops, the same fashion, the same films in cinemas, the same restaurants, the same music, the same food. To escape this mishmash, I like to visit cemeteries, where time … Continue reading

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Looking for a Place to Write

“When are you going to send us your new articles?” editors from Delhi to New York inquire, their voices filled with anticipation and urgency. Readers from Hamburg to Pretoria browse the papers they just purchased at the newsstand, looking for an … Continue reading

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Civil War is imminent

Question: How do you know that outbreak of an armed uprising is imminent? Answer: The neighbors are painting their car in camouflage colors. (Photographed in my neighbors’ garage in Bari, Italy in July 2014. You have been warned.)

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Bari tonight

I wanted to go outside to take a few photos of fans during the football match Italy versus England, but then I got held up by the moonlit Norman-Swabian Castle: Just in time before the end of the first half, … Continue reading

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Santa Claus in May

Everywhere in the world, Saint Nicholas shows up on 6 December. Not so in Bari, a city in the south of Italy. Here, he comes in May and he stays for a whole week. 7:40 pm. Wednesday, 7 May 2014. The … Continue reading

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Bike Theft in Italy

My flatmates in Bari carry their heavy bicycles up to the second floor every day, which I always dismissed as somewhat over-anxious. But then I witnessed how rampant bike theft is here. Look at these gangs of thieves who are getting away … Continue reading

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