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Birthday Walk from Vienna to Bratislava

Zur Originalfassung auf Deutsch. It had been storming and thunderstorming the whole night. That was good, because the air was clear and it was ten degrees cooler than the oppressive July average. Perfect for hiking. On the other hand, there … Continue reading

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Why travelling with little money is the best

Dan Kieran writes in The Idle Traveller: If you have to rely on other people, you are forced to be open and engage with them, which quickly spreads the notion of friendship and community. One person leads you to another … Continue reading

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How to do Adventure – a Guide in 24 Steps

From my current base in La Paz in Bolivia, I wanted to climb Chacaltaya. It seemed like a relatively easy mountain above 5000 m, and thus a good opportunity to set a new altitude record without falling into crevasses and battling with yetis. In … Continue reading

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The 7th Day Adventurers

It was summer, I was single, I had some time on my hands and I wanted to explore more of Romania. The advertisement for the group of adventurers I saw at a bus stop in Târgu Mureș came at the perfect time. … Continue reading

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Next trip: Tipnis National Park in Bolivia

My Bolivian housemate Henry is a computer and telecommunications expert who likes to watch football and drink beer. From time to time though, he says “let’s go into the wilderness” with the spontaneity of someone who wants to play a … Continue reading

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While researching the story of a great Romanian adventurer, I found a great Romanian adventurer. But a different one.

When I moved to Romania, I knew that it had produced one of the greatest adventurer of all times. This is the story of how I was both wrong and right at the same time. (Scroll down to the 5th … Continue reading

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Air Show

I had too much work yesterday to attend the air show in Targu Mures (Romania), but luckily I could observe part of the display from my apartment. Yes, the house opposite would benefit from a fresh coat of paint.

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Why I don’t ask people to take photos of myself, # 2

Because when I do something really, really cool, they cut my head off: Me, jumping across a frighteningly wide and deadly deep ravine in the Negev desert in Israel.

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US hikers sentenced to 8 years in Iranian prison

Two young Americans who had been arrested by an Iranian border patrol while hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan and who have been held in prison in Iran for more than two years have now been sentenced to eight years in prison for … Continue reading

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Hadrian’s Wall Path – My Advice

After having walked the Hadrian’s Wall Path in June 2011, I have some practical advice for anyone who is thinking about doing the same, especially fellow wild campers: Take as little as possible with you. This is the single most … Continue reading

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