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Cats of Lost Places

There are so many “lost places” photographers, I needed to find my own niche. I opted for lost places that are ruled by cats, like this empty villa in Guben, Germany. Links: More cats. And if you are into lost … Continue reading

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Kyiv – Day 15/21 – Pigeons

Oh, if only I didn’t have to take photos of Maidan Nezalezhnosti for this blog, then maybe people wouldn’t recognize me as a tourist. But too late, a girl with two pigeons is already approaching. She asks where I am … Continue reading

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Canmore, the better Banff

In every country, there is a place that everyone, literally everyone, recommends you to visit. Actually, recommend is too weak of a word for the obtrusiveness: “You have to go there!” Instinctively, this raises some resistance with me, because I … Continue reading

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Of Human Bonding

Over the years, I had become accustomed to living alone, had grown to appreciate independence, freedom, solitude even. It’s an easier life, not having to care about anyone, let alone for anyone, not having to worry about the expectations of … Continue reading

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FAQ on House-Sitting

Zur deutschen Fassung dieser Einführung ins Haushüten. Sometimes, one random encounter changes the course of our lives. When I lived in Montenegro, as I walked down to Tivat from a hike on Mount Vrmac, I bumped into a lady with … Continue reading

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Animals of Calgary

I haven’t been to the Calgary Zoo yet, because I am always a bit wary of watching animals locked up in cages. But then, I have seen so many wild animals walking around the city that I am beginning to … Continue reading

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Venta Micena – Day 28/30

You have already met Grace, the cat who is my primary responsibility while house sitting in Venta Micena. But each morning, her colleagues are waiting outside, looking at me pleadingly and full of hope. Of course I cannot resist, and … Continue reading

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Should I go to a bullfight?

Hier gibt es diese Frage auf Deutsch. Today in Huéscar, I saw this poster. I was a bit shocked because I didn’t know there were still bullfights. After all, Pope Pius V had already banned them in 1567. Since then, … Continue reading

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Venta Micena – Day 2/30

Please meet Grace, the reason for my stay in Venta Micena. The family for which I am house sitting has had house sitters before, so the cat is used to the situation and accepted me quickly. Now, she already spends … Continue reading

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How organized is Germany?

So organized that even ducks stop for a red traffic light. They only cross the road as it turns green. What you cannot see in the video, is that the ducks had arranged the walk two weeks in advance and … Continue reading

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