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The kind of surprises you find when hiking in Brazil

Today, I went for a small hike in Chapada Diamantina National Park. After two weeks in a large city, this was more than the proverbial breath of fresh air – despite it being filled with smoke from the forest fires. … Continue reading

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Vingis Park in Autumn

With Vingis Park, I had a large urban forest just around the corner from where I lived in Vilnius. Now in autumn, I miss it even more. I never tired of going there because the color of the leaves changed every … Continue reading

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Sea of Flowers

(Photographed in Kaunas, Lithuania.)

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Bathing in Nature

Two things dissuade people from walking through the wilderness for days: the thought of sleeping outside and the lack of a shower. But, depending on the time of the year (midge season is worse than cold), sleeping outside can be … Continue reading

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Animals of Macedonia

In one day, while hiking from Prilep to Treskavec Monastery (and back), I saw the range of animals living in Macedonia, some of them expected, others unexpectedly exotic. Horses are no surprise in a landscape that could be used for shooting … Continue reading

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Isn’t that a beautiful place? (Part 1)

I am going to write about my walk to that forest in a week or so, but in the meantime I’d like you to guess where it is. If someone gets it right, you will win a prize of my choosing. … Continue reading

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Sad Things (# 4) Sick Tree

Apparently, even trees can get cancer: (Photographed at Europos Parkas in Lithuania.)

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How to Photograph a Sunset

Sunsets are beautiful. If you don’t love them, something is wrong with you and you might as well get off my blog. On second thought, if something is wrong with you, maybe this blog is exactly for you. In any … Continue reading

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I love finding chestnuts. Whenever I spot one or two in the forest, it gives me joy and I pick them up. But today, on the way from my home in Vilnius to the supermarket, I found more than I … Continue reading

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The Greenest Art Museum in the World: Europos Parkas

Yesterday, I found out that the guidebooks which state “Lithuania is perfect for cycling because it is almost completely flat” are wrong. When I cycled the 23 km to Europos Parkas – or “Park of Europe” – from my home … Continue reading

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