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Video Blog: Bank Robbery in Tirana

Walking around Tirana one beautiful afternoon, minding my own business and not suspecting anything evil, I spotted these armed men in front of a bank. Quite obviously, a bank robbery was in progress. In broad daylight. On the main boulevard of Tirana. … Continue reading

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How different countries catch their “most wanted”

How different countries go about finding their “most wanted” tells a lot about the respective country. USA: The US invades the country where the culprit is located, sometimes invading another country in the process. It locks up hundreds of people, … Continue reading

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Bike Theft in Lithuania

When I moved to Lithuania last summer, I was even more lucky than usual. The friendly couple whose apartment I stay at offered me to keep and use their bicycle for the duration of my stay. But they admonished me … Continue reading

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The face that says “Oops, what did I do?”

“If only there had been a waiting period”, James Holmes is thinking.

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A bombastic welcome to Malta

Can this timing be coincidence? Only two days after I announced my plan to move to Malta, a car bomb detonated this morning in the town of Hamrun in otherwise very peaceful Malta. The timing of the explosion seems suspicious. … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid of the stranger!

My default attitude towards other people is trust. Unless or until I become aware of a reason to mistrust someone, I will trust anyone whom I meet. Because of this I use Couchsurfing when travelling, I host Couchsurfers, I have … Continue reading

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My first thoughts on the London Riots in August 2011

The riots in London are still going on and I am in the middle of it all in London. There is too much happening in different parts of London and I cannot be everywhere, so I cannot form an elaborate opinion … Continue reading

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Superman, Batman and Spiderman off. Grandmother helps out.

At the risk of providing the British government with more arguments to cut police funding, some citizens can indeed do the job quite well: This month, a gang of robbers tried to burglar a jewellery store in Northampton, England in … Continue reading

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