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A Postcard from Las Vegas

Zur deutschen Fassung. When people say that law school is boring, I always have to laugh. For my second internship, I worked for the district attorney’s office. In Las Vegas. On the very first day, we went to an Indian … Continue reading

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Easily Confused (39) Fashion Police

Fashion police (Iran): Fashionable police (Italy):

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German Court allows Racial Profiling

Germany is one of the so-called Schengen countries, which means there are no more border controls. You can enter the country without being stopped, without showing a passport and if you travel by train, car or on foot often even … Continue reading

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My first thoughts on the London Riots in August 2011

The riots in London are still going on and I am in the middle of it all in London. There is too much happening in different parts of London and I cannot be everywhere, so I cannot form an elaborate opinion … Continue reading

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Tottenham Riots August 2011

Last night, a peaceful protest in Tottenham in North London against the shooting of Mark Duggan (29) by police turned violent. The questionable circumstances of the shooting have led to (more) anger in the community against the police. When I … Continue reading

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Superman, Batman and Spiderman off. Grandmother helps out.

At the risk of providing the British government with more arguments to cut police funding, some citizens can indeed do the job quite well: This month, a gang of robbers tried to burglar a jewellery store in Northampton, England in … Continue reading

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