Superman, Batman and Spiderman off. Grandmother helps out.

At the risk of providing the British government with more arguments to cut police funding, some citizens can indeed do the job quite well:

This month, a gang of robbers tried to burglar a jewellery store in Northampton, England in daylight. The store alerted the police and activated the security shutters, but before the police could arrive, the robbery attempt was foiled single-handedly by an old lady who attacked the six robbers with her handbag.

To me, it is most shocking that so many people walk and drive by without intervening.

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8 Responses to Superman, Batman and Spiderman off. Grandmother helps out.

  1. John Erickson says:

    This is a real 3-sided issue. On the side of drama, you really have to admire that lady. A perfect proof of the old saying “We should all be involved”. On the side of comedy, the young “toughs” fleeing in disorder and panic in the face of one OAP and her vicious purse is worthy of the 3 Stooges. On the side of tragedy, I totally agree with you, Andreas. I was stunned by the number of people who actually stop or slow down, look the situation over, and then go on their merry ways.
    On a light side note, one does have to wonder if perhaps this lady had seen a few too many Monty Python episodes, with the “women” with purses re-enacting various historic battles. :D

  2. z3r0 says:

    Great post… the site! :)

  3. Thomas Pfann says:

    On the positive side, though, it has be noted that it is good to see how many people actually DID get involved once the old lady had made a start.

    But then again: Is it really sensible to put yourself in danger in a case like this where no-one’s health or even life is at risk?

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  5. AFC says:

    Of course those men could have easily knocked the old woman to the ground. But they just ran away because they didn’t want to get into a violent conflict.

    Personally I would not have done anything, because I don’t care about any jewelry store. I don’t care whether money goes to robbers or to jewelry store owners. What is the difference? At least to the robbers’ credit they were not willing to hurt anyone for money.

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