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Instagram 1.0

How our grandmothers got their cool Facebook profile photos. (Warsaw, Poland in 1946.)

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Bolivia misses the Sea

Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels. In every country in South America, there is one specific topic with which you can interrupt the logorrhea of even the most verbose person. In Brazil, mentioning the numbers 7-1 is enough to make people … Continue reading

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War and Peace

In his autobiography My Early Life, which concluded the time before World War I and was published before World War II, Winston Churchill takes this lesson from the Boer Wars: Let us learn our lessons. Never, never, never believe any war will be … Continue reading

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The young Winston Churchill on War

In his autobiography My Early Life, the young Winston Churchill writes about his feelings towards war and conflict. He seems to regard it all as one great adventure. About his time at the Military College in Sandhurst: Here the study was of … Continue reading

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“Why We Lost” by Daniel Bolger

Maybe a book that promises “a general’s inside account of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and how it all went wrong” had to disappoint, but I didn’t expect it to disappoint so much. Lieutenant General Bolger sounds contrite in the introduction: … Continue reading

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Belgrade and the signs of war

I have this talent to find traces of war wherever I go, but in Belgrade the task is made really easy. First of all, the city’s fortress in Kalemegdan Park houses a military museum. In addition to the permanent display of military hardware, … Continue reading

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Peace in Colombia? Just in time!

In January or February 2016, I will be somewhere on the Amazon river, on a boat, sailing upstream, deeper into the jungle. I will be on the way to one of the many tributary rivers of the Amazon, and chance … Continue reading

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War is like Coke

Nowadays, if you want to drink a Coke, you can choose among at least 17 different flavours: cherry, lemon, vanilla, with or without caffeine, with or without sugar, and now even a Coke with your own name. In the good … Continue reading

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North Korea’s Military Strategy

I have studied a great many wars, but I am not aware of an example where the aggressor state revealed its detailed step-by-step strategy in advance. In public. In a colourful video. North Korea has the courtesy to do so and lays … Continue reading

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I discovered the 12,000 US troops on Malta.

Yesterday I reported about the claim by former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney that 12,000 US troops are stationed on Malta, ready to invade Libya. I dismissed it as a ridiculous speculation by someone who probably did not know where Malta … Continue reading

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