I discovered the 12,000 US troops on Malta.

Yesterday I reported about the claim by former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney that 12,000 US troops are stationed on Malta, ready to invade Libya. I dismissed it as a ridiculous speculation by someone who probably did not know where Malta is. I found it especially dubious how 12,000 soldiers could arrive on a relatively small island without anyone noticing.

Many comments on my blog suggested that the US soldiers would be disguised as tourists. At first, I dismissed this as the typical conspiracy theory which always finds more amazing “answers” to any question posed.

But today, I have to admit I saw the first pieces of evidence myself. In a dramatic scoop for this blog, I can reveal the first and exclusive photos of the US soldiers currently stationed on Malta, inconspicuously posing as harmless tourists.

On first sight, they hide really well:

But when you get closer, as I dared to, there are many tell-tale signs that give the US soldiers away. Look at these gentlemen: wearing the typical US military sunglasses, one of them – of course – drinking a beer, others eating food that makes them even more fat. Clearly, the guy who is pointing at something is the commander.

But it becomes even more obvious. You see these two? One of them reads instructions for the upcoming invasion of Libya. She is so sure of herself that she even has her weapon right next to her!

The following two members of the US military were sitting in front of what looks like harmless phone booths. But of course, nobody uses phone booths any more, we all have mobiles. So these green (which is a military colour, after all) booths surely are US military communication installations.

If you still need more evidence – beyond the beer and the ice-cream – that these foreign occupying powers are indeed American, here it is. One of the persons depicted reads a newspaper. And in what language is the newspaper? Exactly: in English! Now, Malta has it’s own language, Maltese. So who on earth would read an English newspaper here? Only Americans!

I hope you acknowledge by now that all these photos were taken under extreme danger to my own life. But when I noticed that something is going on here, I thought I owe it to you to discover the truth. And if is the last thing that I will do in my life.

Look at the following guy. Who on earth sits in a park with a computer? No sane person does that. He must be a soldier. I bet he controls a drone strike in Iran via his notebook. And do you see what clothes he wears? Adidas. Adidas is German, not American. But we all know that Germany was occupied by the US Army in 1945, so it all fits together.

One reason why I initially dismissed the idea of 12,000 US soldiers on Malta was that I didn’t think anyone could hide tanks, artillery, helicopters and other equipment.

But I even solved this puzzle. I discovered stockpiles of the most advanced transportation equipment.

And then I saw a large troop transport vehicles, in military colours, with tinted windows. This vehicle alone has a capacity to transport hundreds of troops, invisible to anyone outside. It is also suspicious because Malta is such a small island, it would never need such large buses for its own population. And were the old Maltese buses not just replaced a few months ago, even though nobody in Malta had been unhappy with the old buses? Now it all begins to make sense!

If you still have doubts – like me initially – I submit the following photo as the final piece of evidence. What is this? A camel! But there are no camels in Malta. Why would there be a camel in a children’s playground? – Which country has camels? Exactly: Libya.

All photos were taken on Malta on 18 January 2012. (C) Andreas Moser

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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37 Responses to I discovered the 12,000 US troops on Malta.

  1. Lena says:

    Ha-ha! Like!

    • Renee says:

      I love your blog. It made me smile. Also I love all the beautiful pictures. It makes me miss my beloved Malta even more.

  2. Lillian Smith says:

    You might not (yet) have discovered the troops in Malta, but you sure took some nice photos.

  3. Adrian (Malta) says:

    Hilarius :) and i think the hotel they are staying in is the one used in Munich…so be aware because they are not far away from where you live ;P

    • I actually thought of that and tried to get some connection to “Munich” into the article. But then all the conspiracy theorists would jump at the “Mossad” being mentioned and would go crazy.

  4. Rene Levasseur says:

    Good sense of humour and very well composed pics. Whether we are in denial or subscibe to a conspiracy theory, I am certain we all enjoyed the good dose of laughter.
    As I previously mentioned, the political, strategic and economic reasons are all in place for the US to pull this off with Malta. Time will tell what is going on right now, or maybe we will never find out. I am not in Malta right now, but I know the place very well, and it is plausible to have a few thousand US troops stationed there and circumvent Malta’s neutrality. I will postulate that for 12 o00 troops, I will need about 3 000 who will take care of logistics – communication, supplies, co-ordination, etc. These I would house in the US embassy underground complex. The remaining 9 000 I would split into 4 brigades, with each brigade having 4 to 5 regiments and disperse each in existing and former barracks and the entire top floors of some hotels, with everyone confined to quarters. I have personally seen this in another country. Good luck to all of you, my friends in Malta. As I had mentioned, hopefully it is not true.

  5. I hate to poke a hole in your theories, but Americans LOATHE those “bendy buses” (as the boys on Top Gear call them). Then again, the camel IS a horse designed to a US military contract, so that still leaves possibilities open.
    The surest test would be to stake out the nearest fast-food joint at breakfast time. Anybody talking about “supersizing” is DEFINITELY one of us bloody Yanks, and should be closely watched for other telltale signs like overdeveloped thumbs (from video games and texting) and a complete inability to walk more than 2 blocks. (After all, that’s why God invented taxis.)
    Or if you want to find them, just yank out a cigarette in a restaurant. I guarantee any American in screaming distance will instantaneously assault you, verbally or otherwise.
    You are a brave soul, my friend! ;)

  6. Chris says:

    There are no troops in Malta… Take it from a Maltese himself :)

  7. Thanks for the laughs, needed that!

  8. Lillian Smith says:

    I really object to the term “Conspiracy Theory”. The word ‘conspiracy’ is two Latin words, ‘con’ meaning ‘with’ and ‘spirare’ meaning to ‘breathe’, that is to breathe together as one.

    Now, it is very evident that throughout history, groups have conspired together to achieve aims and goals, to the detriment of society at large. This cannot be denied. The anti-Trust legislation are themselves evidence that there are conspiracies going on all the time. To think that the rich and powerful do not stack the deck in their favour is very naive. How do you think Cabals are created?

    Here is an exerpt from the song “Everybody Knows’ by Leonard Cohen.

    Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows
    Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
    Everybody knows that the captain lied
    Everybody got this broken feeling
    Like their father or their dog just died

  9. Anone Maws says:

    I saw ’em too.
    They’re on Kemuna and war-time shelters in Valletta.

  10. Justo says:

    Und was wollen Sie mit dissem dummem einfalll beweisen?

    • Die Lächerlichkeit von Verschwörungstheorien.

    • Na ja, in der Tat kann man viel Lächerliches finden bei diesen Verschwörungstheorien. Ich habe mich eine Zeitlang mit diesen Theorien befasst und habe diese hinterfragt und Sachen gefunden, die in der Tat nicht zu belegen sind. Allerdings bin ich auch auf Sachen gestoßen, die schon etwas beunruhigend sind und die ich auch nicht wiederlegen kann. Und wenn man sich mal politisches Geschehen in Deutschland in letzter Zeit betrachtet und Nachrichten genau analysiert, dann entdeckt man dann schon eigenartige Dinge. Allerdings wäre es schon eine traurige Wahrheit, wenn diese Verschwörungstheorien war wären und leider könnte man als Einzelperson nicht viel daran ändern. Ich bin allerdings sehr überzeugt davon, dass wirtschaftliche Interessen mehr als geglaubt die Geschicke der Politik und andere wichtige Bereiche des Lebens beeinflussen.

  11. These Maltese are more dangerous, take care Libians!!!!

  12. Justo says:

    Und was wollen Sie damit beweisen? dass die massive Bonbardierung Libyens durch die NATO nicht stattgefunden habe?

  13. Juaa, malta only sidi bou sai ?
    Port of the malta big ports….

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  16. Lillian Smith says:

    Andreas, the word is Cabals NOT cables.

    It is good that you have made a distinction between the ‘crazy’ conspiracies and the normal or actual ones, like for example the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was supposed to be the Jewish Plan for world domination, turned out to be the work of the Czar’s secret police, the Reichstag Fire started by the Nazis (under the orders of Hermann Goring) which gave or Hitler the opportunity to round up the Communists, Pearl Harbour (the US’s official entry in WW11), The Gulf of Tonkien Incident which triggered the escalation of the Vietnam War, The Bombing of the USS Maine, (1890’s) which triggered the Spanish American War, the list is endless. At that time, the citizens all believed the official explanations given by their government and it is now coming to light that these were ‘red flag’ operations.

    As for the “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” my favourite one is that the British Royal family are actually Reptiles in human disguise.

  17. Is it just me, or does our military look a lot less intimidating than I thought, lol.

  18. sagifshahab says:

    Your post is so hilarious .. The moment I read the title I thought I would saw photos of Us soldiers in full military equipment, riding tanks, armed with US weapons, marching on Maltese streets. I died laughing .. lol (Why am I still alive writing this)

  19. Alex says:

    In the sixties, the US sixth fleet (on duty in the mediterrenean sea) used to dock for a weekend or two every now and then, for the marines to take shore leave and have a rest, some fun, picking up a local girl, getting all boozed up, having a fight or two with the Btirish soldiers or maltese ploicemen or both at he same time until tpicked up by the US shore police and taken back to their ship.

    Those marines who were new to the game, and who were visiting the island for the first time, when looking at the map of the mediterranean and finding the dot of an island in the middle, used to think, and thi is true, that when they are on the island they had to take care where to walk not to fall into the sea.

    To accomodate 12000 marines including their fighting gear and equipment, support staff, logistical support resources, food, places to pee and shit, and all the rest, malta just cannot do it without any Maltese Tom, Dick and journalist noitcing what’s happening. McKinney is just an anti-US American, what, in the old days would have been a traitor and put in a prison for some years. But political correctness ruined all this potential fun.

  20. Tim Marshall says:

    McKinney’s mind. The stuff that dreams are made of.

  21. BS ariste says:

    Those seal team 6 boys are great at camouflage

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  23. I was never here says:

    So the REAL question is, what purpose did Cynthia McKinney have in making this sort of statement? (The obvious answer–“she’s a selfimportant idiot who was elected purely as to get her to move out of town”–is disallowed). So…she must have been trying to distract people from something else. Where ARE those 12,000 American troops? Has anyone heard from Minorca lately? What are those silent black helicopters doing?

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