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Video: Surviving in the Wilderness

  (Recorded in Chapada Diamantina National Park in Brazil. And yes, I really wear shirts like that when I go hiking in the jungle.)

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Easily Confused (56) Water

Where we find water: on Mars, between 34 and 250 million miles away Where we can’t provide safe drinking water to around 750 million people: our own planet Sorry, poor people, but this whole space thing is much more exciting.

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Venice by Boat

One of the best things about Venice is that there are no cars. None. Zero. All the traffic happens on the water, by boat. This makes visiting Venice a unique experience. It is much quieter and more relaxed than other cities … Continue reading

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Bathing in Nature

Two things dissuade people from walking through the wilderness for days: the thought of sleeping outside and the lack of a shower. But, depending on the time of the year (midge season is worse than cold), sleeping outside can be … Continue reading

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Utility Outage

This week, I was without electricity (and thus without internet) for half a day after a thunderstorm, I ran out of gas in the kitchen, and I haven’t had water all weekend after the pipe leading to my neighborhood burst. After this experience, … Continue reading

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