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Kyiv – Day 16/21 – Street Art

Imagine my lawyerly surprise and joy to see one of history’s most important codifications being appreciated in a mural. That one may be Chernobyl-related. Ok, that last one is actually a religious symbol, an idol of Perun. Links: More about … Continue reading

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What was I thinking?

Sometimes, buried deep in a pile of paper with other things I once deemed interesting or noteworthy, I find a sheet with my own handwriting. It usually has a crisp headline, underlined, followed by a first paragraph of what should … Continue reading

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Train Theater in Germany

A train ride as a piece of art:

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Romania in Paintings by David Croitor

Yes, Romania really looks that romantic. In all seasons. (All images taken from the website of David Croitor, where you can find much more.)

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Art in Montenegro

It’s a bit stereotypical with the Balkan-type cap and the drooping mustache, but this is art in Montenegro. It reminds you a bit of the Easter Island heads, doesn’t it? (Photographed at the Winter Palace in Podgorica, Montenegro.)

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Modern art exhibitions are so bad that even the “art” tries to run away

This happened in Toledo, Ohio, but the Red Ball will soon come to a city near you. You can’t escape it! But maybe someone could shoot it. After all, that’s the fate of animals who escape from the zoo. Artists … Continue reading

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Cows can do Modern Art as well

(Photographed in the village of Bosača in Montenegro.)

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The Greenest Art Museum in the World: Europos Parkas

Yesterday, I found out that the guidebooks which state “Lithuania is perfect for cycling because it is almost completely flat” are wrong. When I cycled the 23 km to Europos Parkas – or “Park of Europe” – from my home … Continue reading

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