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One Hundred Years Ago, Belgium became the most Complicated Country in Europe – July 1921: Language Border between Wallonia and Flanders

Zur deutschen Fassung. The inability to form a new government quickly after an election is usually associated with failed states such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or the USA. However, the record for the longest time needed to form a government … Continue reading

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Women, you are allowed to vote. – For me. If at all.

Last weekend, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has announced that women might in future be allowed to stand as candidates in municipal elections and “will even have a right to vote”. Among women’s rights activists, excitement and optimism have been … Continue reading

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Merger Control of a different kind

With merger control, governments and courts usually try to prevent companies from joining forces and forming a monopoly that would have negative effects for the market and for consumers. A court in Germany has now stopped a merger of a … Continue reading

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Borat or Bilo? No, it’s Nursultan in Kazakhstan.

Four years after the release of Borat (or Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan as the full title is), Kazakhstan still doesn’t seem to have gotten over it. Borat, by and with Sacha Baron … Continue reading

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Election Boycott – What is it good for?

If this headline reminds you of the 1970 song “War” by Edwin Starr, then you already have your answer: “Absolutely nothing!” In pseudo-democratic to openly oppressive countries around the world, opposition parties and candidates regularly face a tough choice: Should … Continue reading

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Reports about my trip to Iran in June/July 2009

You might have heard about my trip to Iran in June and July 2009 to join the protests against the rigged elections, a trip that ended up in the infamous Evin prison in Tehran, in the captivity of Iran’s Intelligence … Continue reading

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