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I found the tree from “Robin Hood”

During my walk along Hadrian’s Wall, I discovered the tree that was used in the filming of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman. Remember this scene? I am not sure though why Robin Hood is … Continue reading

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God is up there

I liked how the sign with the arrow supplemented the “God” message. But I don’t trust people who are up all night. (Photographed in Carlisle towards the end of Hadrian’s Wall Path.)

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Hiking is for Everyone – or is it?

Ever since I went on my first long-distance walk, the Hadrian’s Wall Path in England, I have been wondering: “Why am I only bumping into other white folks?” In most British cities, there was a vibrant and colorful diversity of … Continue reading

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Opening Times

During my walk along Hadrian’s Wall I came across a place where I hoped to get some food and my early morning Coca Cola. It was around 8 in the morning, but I had already been walking for a few … Continue reading

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The Photographer and the Models

Some photographers complain about their models; that they never do what you tell them, that they think they are the better photographers, that they constantly criticize and nag and that they are a spoiled bunch of people. I don’t have … Continue reading

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Hadrian’s Wall Path – My Advice

After having walked the Hadrian’s Wall Path in June 2011, I have some practical advice for anyone who is thinking about doing the same, especially fellow wild campers: Take as little as possible with you. This is the single most … Continue reading

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Walking along Hadrian’s Wall

“My shoulders are aching from the weight of the backpack, the sun is burning, the wind is blowing me backwards, I am running out of water already and I still have 125 km to go.” This was the entry in … Continue reading

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My next adventure: Walking across England

One danger of living in London is that there is so much to see and do that you never get out of the city to explore the rest of this island that constitutes Great Britain. I will do something against … Continue reading

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