My Donations to Public Libraries

My steadfast refusal to read e-books even in 2016 has two practical disadvantages:

  • Each year, a few trees are felled just for the books I read.
  • Whenever I stay at one place for a few months, I am gathering a small library, to which I have to say good-bye when moving. Shipping chests full of books simply is too expensive.

Therefore I often leave books behind on trains, in parks or in restaurants if I happen to finish them there, hoping that another bookworm will discover them.

Despite this method, during my last year in Romania there were still quite a lot of books that had accumulated:

donation to library

In Târgu Mureș I had too many friends who would have argued about who gets what if I had tried to distribute the books among them. Thus, the most obvious solution was to bequeath this treasure to the public library in Târgu Mureș.

So please consider this: If you send me books, you are not only making me happy, but hundreds of other readers too. The next library that will be blessed in such a way is the one in Cochabamba in Bolivia. (There is even a German library for those who mail me books in German.) Each of your book shipments can thus change the lives of poor Bolivian children. It can be your book that makes them discover their love for literature, science and the wider world, makes them stop toiling in the silver mines in Potosí, makes them go to college instead, to study and to become successful and happy.

(Auf Deutsch lesen.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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5 Responses to My Donations to Public Libraries

  1. Limonov by Emmanuel Carrère was to me the most interesting book that I read in the past year.

    • I also liked it a lot, even though the character is not necessarily a likable guy. It provided good insight into growing up in the Soviet Union, living through its collapse and the Russia of today.

    • It’s true. He is not a particularly sympathetic personality. But he is interesting and most of all he tried throughout his life to always do what he wanted, what is not necessarily an easy thing in Soviet Union and he didn’t shrink off to live in poverty. I a way I admire that.

  2. Melisa Odalis says:

    La ventaja de tener libros electrónicos es que puedo llevarlos conmigo siempre a donde vaya, ayudo a proteger el medio ambiente evitando que se corten más árboles y puedo volver a leerlos, aunque nada mejor que el papel, yo amo el papel.

    • Tienes razon, pero a mi no me gusta leer electronicamente. Para mi, documentos electronicos son para trabajar, libros papeles son para disfrutar.

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