Burn after Reading

After the semi-successful completion of my mission in Romania, it’s time to move again. That means that I have to go through the same protocol as with every other move before.

Step 1

Burn all documents about the completed mission. For that purpose, it’s good to have a balcony. Otherwise, you may accidentally start a forest fire.

burn after reading

Step 2

Dismantle the computer you used for this job.

laptop kaputt

You have to destroy your computer because even after formatting it, some tech-savvy people could recreate your files or traces of your activity. And it’s far too dangerous to take a computer through the airport, where it can easily be confiscated under some pretext or where the data on your hard drive can be scanned (why do you think you have to push your notebook through these big machines separately from the rest of your luggage?).

After dismantling it, you put the parts into the bathtub or you boil them for 15 minutes. (Like with pasta, add salt and oil for better results.)

Step 3

You put all the parts into a bag and go for one last innocent walk around town, obviously making sure that nobody follows you. You will drop different parts in different rubbish bins and recycling containers all over town. Even if somebody found one part, they wouldn’t know about all the others.

For the hard drive, you take extra precautions. It’s best to go to a bridge across a river and to drop the hard drive into the ice-cold water under the cover of darkness. If possible, pick a pedestrian bridge where there is consequentially no traffic. (All the time you thought I was jogging around town for fun, I was looking for locations like this.)

Even though it’s not strictly part of the protocol, according to spy tradition, you should do this in a night with a full moon.

bridge moon

Mission accomplished.

Now I am ready for new adventures on the other side of the world!

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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8 Responses to Burn after Reading

  1. And then you ask why some people think you are spy??? ARE YOU???? jajajajaa <3

  2. List of X says:

    Are you burning the blog, too?

  3. Dino Bragoli says:

    That’s deep.

  4. S. says:

    I personally find your stories of interest to you interesting. I believe that so much of the new is control by the countries they are from that we, in the Western world, do not see the whole stories, whereas you give a true picture I think of what you see or believe. For that in itself, I can understand why you would burn the information you obtain, after a story, and destroy your laptop before leaving the country and, on to your next adventure, as you put it. Thank you for sharing :)

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