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Happy Birthday, Donald Duck!

It’s Donald Duck’s 80th birthday. Enjoy this short film which won an Oscar in 1943:

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Desperate Ken Livingstone invokes Hitler

In Germany, there is an informal rule in political debate: if you have to invoke a Nazi-comparison, you have lost the argument because you have displayed that you have no serious arguments left. By these standards, Ken Livingstone, the Labour … Continue reading

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Merger Control of a different kind

With merger control, governments and courts usually try to prevent companies from joining forces and forming a monopoly that would have negative effects for the market and for consumers. A court in Germany has now stopped a merger of a … Continue reading

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Film Review: “The Specialist” about the Eichmann Trial

Last night, I attended a screening by the Birkbeck Law Society of the film “The Specialist” about the trial of Adolf Eichmann in an Israeli court in 1961. The film, by Israeli director Eyal Sivan, works with original footage from the … Continue reading

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Die Pogromnacht und das Leid der Palästinenser

https://andreasmoser.blog/2010/11/11/pogromnacht-palaestinenser/#comment-109432 Beim Gedenken an die Opfer der anti-jüdischen Pogromnacht vom 9. November 1938 konnte sich ein Redner, Alfred Grosser, die Forderung nach der Anerkennung des Leids der Palästinenser nicht verkneifen: Man könne von keinem Palästinenser verlangen, “daß er die Schrecken der Attentate … Continue reading

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How about some Waffen-SS on the weekend, son?

Richard Iott is the Republican candidate for the 9th Congressional District in Ohio. He is also the father of a son and came up with an interesting idea for what to do with his son on weekends. As a “father-son … Continue reading

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A (very short) response to Holocaust denial

Whenever I meet someone who denies the Holocaust, I want to punch them in the face and say: This punch did not happen. And if it did happen, it happened on a much lesser scale. Too bad this doesn’t work … Continue reading

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