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Romantic Graffiti

“If nights were as long as I love you, dawn would never come.” (Photographed in Podgorica, Montenegro.) Advertisements

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Praise the Lord with your Spray Can!

In Sicily, even the graffiti sprayers are religious. (Seen behind the Cathedral in Palermo, Sicily.)

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Don’t accept anything from strangers!

Is it coincidence that the evil man in this mural in La Paz, Bolivia is hiding behind a Donald Trump mask? In any case, I find these warnings misguided because most strangers are good people.

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Swastikas to Windmills

Are you also fed up with these swastika graffiti? Somebody in Hungary had this idea:

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Keep it short and save paint!

Why “FUCK YOU!”, if there is also a short version? The next time somebody at your office or in your organisation goes on for hours about something which could be summed up in a few sentences, send him/her this photo. … Continue reading

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