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But when will it be spring again?

“I want to do to you what spring does to the cherry trees,” wrote Pablo Neruda on the wall of the cathedral in Baza, defying the wrath not only of God, but also of municipal anti-graffiti enforcers. But then, if … Continue reading

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Romantic Graffiti

“If nights were as long as I love you, dawn would never come.” (Photographed in Podgorica, Montenegro.)

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Praise the Lord with your Spray Can!

In Sicily, even the graffiti sprayers are religious. (Seen behind the Cathedral in Palermo, Sicily.)

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Don’t accept anything from strangers!

Is it coincidence that the evil man in this mural in La Paz, Bolivia is hiding behind a Donald Trump mask? In any case, I find these warnings misguided because most strangers are good people.

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Swastikas to Windmills

Are you also fed up with these swastika graffiti? Somebody in Hungary had this idea:

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Keep it short and save paint!

Why “FUCK YOU!”, if there is also a short version? The next time somebody at your office or in your organisation goes on for hours about something which could be summed up in a few sentences, send him/her this photo. … Continue reading

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